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Date: 2012.03.31
Artist:   Iruma Rioka  
Source:  Sony Music
IRUMA RIOKA will participate in “ANIME CENTRAL,” a convention in Chicago, USA to be held in late April. During the convention period of 4/27 to 4/29, IRUMA RIOKA make 2 appearances as a panelist and present a live performance.

Author: Sheila
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Date: 2012.03.29
Artist:   STEREOPONY  
Source:  Sony Music Newletter
STEREOPONY confirms additional US tour dates!

In addition to appearing at Sakura-Con they will have performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana

4/10 (Tue): San Francisco – Slim’s

4/11 (Wed): Hollywood-Los Angeles – Key Club

4/12 (Thu): Santa Ana – YOST Theater

*Ticket sale starts on Saturday, March 3rd

In addition to the above three shows, STEREOPONY will do an in-store show at Amoeba San Francisco on 4/9 (from 6pm)
Author: candyfields
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Artist:   SCANDAL  
Source:  Epic Records
Girl’s band SCANDAL performed first time at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in March 28. This is the fastest record ever to have performance at such a huge venue for a new band.

During the performance, SCANDAL dressed up in Kimono which they wore for CD jacket of the latest best album``SCANDAL SHOW’’ and their performance had frenzied 9000 fans during two and half hour show with standing ovations.
Asthe title of this show was ``SCANDAL  JAPAN TITLE MATCH LIVE 2012 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN’’, HARUNA the leader of the band announced beforehand that they would play one of the biggest practical jokes on this special day. At the beginning of the show, the screen showed a parody of the combat sports ``PRIDE’’ which is a popular champion ship game in Japan, and SCANDAL appeared slowly on the stage with a gong sound and LED panel lifting up with an announcement of their names called in the style of the combat sport game way. The audiences were fully excited by this staging.

The first music they played was``SCANDAL’s theme’’which they had been playing as their first song at their performance since debut.
When performance started, the floor was filled with deafening cries of joy from the audience.
2nd song they played was ’’Shunkan Sentimental’’, their standard number. HARUNA yelled out``Tonight is the very special! Something will change from this day, for you and for us all. Forget all the stress and bad things,
and have a wonderful night!! ‘’

During their concert, they played 18 songs, and they had sprinkled some enchantment part, such as performing their hit tune``SCANDAL nante buttobase’’ wearing Tokkofuku which is the Japanese traditional attacking uniform dramatizing their music video, while Rina(dr) performed solo, exploding sound during her talk.
At talk session, There was also a scene that SCANDAL whispered tearfully that ``When we were just formed, we only thought that we could last for 2 to 3 months, but now it’s so natural for us to be always around and to play music together.! We had experienced so many fun things and also overcame hard times together.’’

At encore, little stage was specially made for the band members sticking out over the audience seats and they played ‘’Space Ranger’’``Kagerou’’and their debut song ‘’DOLL’’ expressing that SCANDAL will keep delivering
their music to fans regardless of the size of venue.
This live performance at Budokan will broadcast at WOWOW, Japan TV channel.

SCANDAL had released their best album’’SCANDAL SHOW’’ in March 7, recorded the Oricon Weekly Chart at NO.3 achieving their best rank. They have announced to have nation wide live house tour starting May.

Their dream is to perform live at Osakajo Hall since before their debut, and their dream will be coming true soon.


May 19 Kagoshima CAPARVO HALL
May 20 Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V1
May 22 Nagasaki DRUM Be-7
May 25 Hiroshima club Quattro
May 28 Takamatsu DIME
May 29 Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE
June 2 Zepp Nagoya
June 3 Zepp Nanba
June 5 Wakayama GATE
June 6 Kyoto MUSE
June 8 Zepp Tokyo
June 11 Nagano JUNK BOX
June 13 Niigata LOTS
June 14 Sendai RENSA
June 16 Sapporo PENNY LANE24
Author: Sheila
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Date: 2012.03.24
Artist:   L'Arc~en~Ciel  
Source:  Nippon Project website
Finally what you all have been waiting so long for. The L'Arc-en-Ciel show is tomorrow and we would like to announce the contest winners of the L'Arc-en-Ciel last minute concert ticket giveaway.

Lingxiao T.
Yumi P.
Teresa S.
Patricia R.
Helayne G.

CONGRATULATIONS~!!! You have each won a ticket for yourself and a guest to attend the show. Winners may pick up their tickets at the box office at MSG.You and your guest should bring your IDs. Thank you for all who participated in this contest & a big thank you to L'Arc-en-Ciel and their management for making this contest possible.

**Also, if you are interested in finding out how the winners and their guests enjoy the show, we will be putting their reactions and additional information into a special L'Arc fan article. Please stay tuned!
Author: candyfields
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Date: 2012.03.23
Artist:   BLOOD  
Source:  Roger of Tainted Reality's Reassurring post
It was just announced that the front man of BLOOD fourth period will be leaving the band. This was a decision made after Hayato received news of a wonderful opportunity that unfortunately will take up all of his time, including time for activities with the band.

The band holds no hard feelings or ill will toward Hayato, and he still cares for them dearly. The announcement is sudden, but the bands EU tour schedule will continue as planned with Hayato. Let us continue to support BLOOD and Hayato as well in whatever her does.
Author: candyfields
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Date: 2012.03.23
Artist:   L'Arc~en~Ciel  
Source:  L'arc en ciel management and Nippon Project
As you all may know~ L’Arc~en~Ciel is having a live concert this Sunday, March 25th at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Last minute, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s management gave us a few pairs of tickets for some excited fans of L’arc that haven’t been able to get tickets yet. Where these ticket holders will be seated are possibly some of the best seats in the house and you could be featured in the their live concert DVD, so we need excited fans~! Since this is such a time sensitive thing please only people that are sure they and their guest can attend the concert send the email to enter.

Please send your full legal name.(you will need IDs to pick up your tickets) to Add the subject Line “L’arc last minute contest”. I will email the winner back 2pm PST/5pm EST. you will have 1 hour and a half. to respond confirming you and a guest (full name). If you do not the next person on the list will be chosen (so please try and be at your computers or phones by that time).

Hope to see you there^^
Author: candyfields~syreeta turner~
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Date: 2012.03.20
Artist:   Plastic Tree  
Source:  Plastic Tree Official site
Recently, Plastic Tree's drummer, Satou Kenken, was hospitalized for acute hepatitis. The situation interfered with the bands upcoming oneman live tour plans. However, the band has announced that they will be taking a support drummer on tour with them while Satou Kenken is in the hospital. The decision came after discussion with Kenken, especially after the band was inactive much of last year due to Ryuutaro (Vocalist) having throat issues.

The members released this statement about proceeding with the tour in kenken's absence on their official site:

To all the fans, and to Plastic Tree, Satou Kenken’s absence makes us feel really lonely more than anything else, so we’ll take his heart together with us wherever we go.

We really hope that in each livehouse on this tour, that inside the sound you will feel the presence of all 4 of us.

Under the tree that does not wither.
We’re hoping we can meet all of you.

**please stay tuned here for more detail on KenKen's recovery and Plastic Tree's future activities.
Author: candyfields
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Date: 2012.03.19
Artist:   Home Made Kazoku  
Source:  Sony Music Newletter
Hip Hop Trio HOME MADE KAZOKU will digitally release their 6th original full album
“AKATSUKI”, including single “FREEDOM” (ending theme for NARUTO Shippuden)!

HOME MADE KAZOKU made their U.S. debut in the summer of 2010 at OTAKON, gathering
5,000 fans from all across the country.
Following year in 2011, the group made their Asia debut in Taiwan and released new
album “AKATSUKI”. AKATSUKI (meaning dawn in English) features a rich variety of 12 songs from Hip Hop,
Latin, to Electro, including singles “Nukumori” (featuring model Yukina Kinoshita in
the music video) and “FREEDOM” (ending theme for NARUTO Shippuden).
On October 9, 2011, HOME MADE KAZOKU gathered various artists from T.M.Revolution to
FLOW, and hosted “KAZOKU Fes. 2011” in their home town, Aichi Prefecture.

New Album “AKATSUKI”
Available on March 20 via iTunes & Amazon

1. Akatsuki Introduction
2. FREEDOM (Ending theme song to Anime Naruto Shippuden)
3. Star to Line
4. So So Hot !!!
5. No.1
7. Jounetsu No Switch
9. Boku Ha Koko Ni Iru
10. Nukumori
11. Gift
12. Rolling Stone

Also available on iTunes & Amazon
“HOME MADE KAZOKU @ the Animes”

1. Thank You!! (Ending theme song to Anime “BLEACH”)
2. SHONEN HEART (Opening theme song to Anime “Eureka Seven”)
3. Shooting Star (Ending theme song to Anime “NARUTO Shippuden”)
4. No Rain No Rainbow (Theme song to Movie “NARUTO Shippuden Kizuna”)



Author: candyfields
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L'Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 has started, but in the last hours two new dates were added.
On May 26th and 27th the band will perform at the National Stadium in Tokyo.
Tickets will be sold for 9.000 yen.
Author: Asuka Tsuzuki
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Sakura-Con just announced that Moi dix Mois & Kanon Wakeshima will be joining stereopony as musical guests at Sakura-Con in Washinton state April 6-8th. Each artist will have a live performance, autograph sessions, and artist panel.

Please visit Sakura-Con's website for more information.
Author: candyfields~syreeta turner~
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Artist:   FLOW  
Source:  Sony Music Newletter
Following the smash-hit anime tie-in compilation album “FLOW ANIME BEST”, FLOW will be digitally releasing their new album “BLACK&WHITE” through iTunes and Amazon, celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Actively performing internationally from the US, Singapore, to Korea, FLOW will appear at the largest anime convention in France this summer. Next month in April, FLOW will also return to the US once again for a performance at Anime Matsuri 2012 held near Houston, Texas.

Release Information

Available on March 13, 2012 via iTunes & Amazon

1. Hey!!! ( Opening theme song to Anime BEELZEBUB)
2. Rock Climber
3. Kakumei
4. Konosaihakkirisasetokouka!
5. Kanjyou kousinkyoku
6. Chelsea girl
7. Ohayou Japonica
9. Tabidachi Graffiti
10. Hikari

Album “FLOW ANIME BEST” is also available on iTunes and Amazon!
Including theme songs from NARUTO, Eureka Seven, Code Geass, etc.

*Click here for iTunes Link

*Click here for Amazon Link

FLOW’s US Live Information

April 6-8, 2012
The Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel & Convention Canter

For more information on FLOW's USA appearance please go to Anime Matsuri's official website.
Author: candyfields
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