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THE SOUND BEE HD to perform in Mexico: Animex – MTY (July 2017)
Date: 2017.06.19
Artist:   THE SOUND BEE HD  
Source:  press release
Japanese artist THE SOUND BEE HD will be performing for the first time in Mexico at the Animex 2017 in Monterrey city (Nuevo Leon) to be held from July 14th to 16th at Cintermex.

THE SOUND BEE HD is a Visual Kei from Japan formed by vocalist DaISUKE DARK SIDE (ex-Media Youth), guitarist Yuu (lix, ex-SUICIDE ALI), bassist YOU and drummer HIRO. Their music is a mix of hard rock, metal and electro elements blended with a goth and horror atmosphere. The band started as the solo project of former Media Youth vocalist DaISUKE at the end of the 90’s and, after some name changes, they finally established as THE SOUND BEE HD around 2005. They joined the record company Starwave Records in 2010. They have toured outside Japan in the USA (Virginia, 2010 and Maryland, 2013) and China (Shanhgai, 2016). They are currently promoting their latest album “WALKING DEAD”.

THE SOUND BEE HD are scheduled to perform at the anime convention on July 15th (Sat) and signing autographs as well. Other activities at the event will be announced soon.

For further details about their participation at the Animex 2017 and the event itself (in Spanish):
Author: Sheila