cali≠gari Tour 2016 (Doukei, Suiren to Himawari) at Ex Theater Roppongi
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REAKT is a Japanese local multi genre artists that has been gaining attention among-st the anime and j-cultures scene in the Eastern coast of North America... read more
Date: 2016.08.15
Shortly after appearing at Anime Central in Chicago, Eir Aoi had her first headliner show in New York at Gramercy Theater. We had a little bit of time with her before she took the stage... read more
Date: 2016.06.07

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The musical voyage continues as Kurona’s powerful taiko drumming in “Valkyrie” hit the chests of every audience member like a wave crashing onto the ocean shore. The taiko drums have two effects - they raise the energy of the fans while transporting them from the venue onto a samurai battlefield... read more
Date: 2016.08.19
On August 1st, after a two-part Japan tour and a world tour, the GazettE held the first part of the 2-day semi-final of their nationwide standing tour DOGMATIC -Another Fate- at Shinkiba Studio Coast, gradually bringing the long DOGMA era to an end before the DOGMA GRAND FINALE that will be held on September 27th at Makuhari Messe... read more
Date: 2016.08.17

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