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Image © Chiaki Nozu
ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK is a three member rock band consisting of Akihito Morimoto (guitar & vocals), Kazuto Maekawa (bass) and Tomoharu ‘Gian’ Ito. Their music is comprised of a mix of classic rock, punk and metal, in which the band creates something refreshing, yet reminiscent of the glory days of rock. Akihito Morimoto and Kazuto Maekawa met while still in school in Osaka, Japan. They were brought together by their love of rock music, specifically Black Sabbath. They played together in western rock cover bands until they moved to Tokyo. They joined a band while there and gained some success. After the band broke up, Akihito returned to his other passion as a professional angler in competitions. Kazuto, meanwhile, joined a band called Apollo, a well known Japanese Funk band, where he met future EES drummer, Tomoharu ‘Gian’ Ito. It was at this time that Aki, Kazuto and Gian started practicing... read more
Author: Bryses
Electric Eel Shock

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1997 - present
Genre:  rock

Vo / Gt : Akihito Morimoto
Ba : Kazuto Maekawa
Dr : Tomoharu Ito