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5 piece cosplay dance group with Akira Kano, Sou Izumi, Park Witt,
Tatsuki Sakakibara, Kento Kurou

In 2013, the group has started uploading their synchronized dance video
on Nico Nico Douga.

Gigantic O.T.N. video records 2 million views and the total view of
all their video is over 14 million to date.

They made a major debut from Universal J on February, 2015 and all
singles and album released in 2015 topped in Oricon chart.

In January 2016, the first Budokan concert was held and attracted 7,000
fans with their performance.

Their unique cosplay style and synchronized dance have been attracting
international audience as well.

The group have been performing at internationa festivals like Anime
Festival Asia in Singapore and NOVA DANCE PARTY in Shanghai.

What is "2.5D" group?

ARSMAGNA stands between 3D (real life) and 2D (animation/comics).

The group has started out as a cosplay dance group and made themselves
into field of comics and vocaloids.
Author: mai62 last update: 2016-11-21

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2013 - present
Genre:  J-pop / cosplay / dance

Akira Kano
Sou Izumi
Park Witt
Tatsuki Sakakibara
Kento Kurou