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Plastic Tree (also known as PuraTori or Pura) is an alternative rock band, which was influenced by British bands such as Radiohead and The Cure. Since forming the band had changed drummers 4 times. Tadashiís leadership, Akiraís composing, Ryutaroís lyrics and his childish voice all together form the bandís unique style.

Plastic Tree was formed in December 1993 by Tadashi (bass) and Ryutaro (vocal). Later Akira (guitar) and Shin (drums) joined the band. At early days Plastic Tree performed live shows and handed out demo-records after them. The first mini-album Kimyou na Kajitsu: Strange Fruits was released on December, 11 of 1995 by indie label GIO RECORDS.

In 1996 Shin leaved the band and was replaced by Takashi. Also in this year the band signed to the major label WARNER MUSIC JAPAN. A year later came their first full-length major album Hide and Seek. The band worked hard and the next... read more
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Plastic Tree
プラスティック トゥリー

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1993 - present
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Arimura Ryutaro (有村 竜太朗)
Gt : Nakayama Akira (ナカヤマ アキラ)
Ba : Hasegawa Tadashi (長谷川 正)
Dr : Satou Kenken (佐藤ケンケン)

Dr : Shin (1993)
Dr : Takashi (2001)
Dr : Sasabuchi Hiroshi (2009)