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SuG 10th anniversary at Nippon Budokan Sept. 2, 2017
Date: 2017.09.20
Artist:   SuG  
Date of Concert: 2017.09.02
Few weeks ago, SuG put their career on stand-by with an unforgettable live show at the memorable Budokan. It was a once-in-a-lifetime concert that gathered fans from all over the world. This live-show was not only the last one before their indefinite hiatus, but it celebrated their 10th year of their career.

The band kicked off the show with “AGAKU”, the last single to be released. Their energy flew into the hall, immediately, and after a few minutes I could already see people jumping in every corner of the venue. Over the next two hours SuG and their fans were going to look back at SuG`s 10 years career.

Fans listened to the first three songs, screaming and jumping when asked to. Takeru looked at the crowd. “The first time we played we had 5 fans, but we believed a miracle would happen and one year later our first one-man show was sold out. We wanted to believe in the miracle again, and now, today, you are 7200!” he said, dazzled by the view of thousands people in front of him.

A group of dancers got on the stage for one of their most popular songs, “Toy Soldier”. Dancers, band members, crowd, the whole Budokan was dancing.
A sequence of cheerful songs was the core of the show. “Kohakuma Sparkling”, “B.A.B.Y.”, “Mugen Styles” were just some of the lively catchy songs representative of the brighter side of SuG`s positive rock style.

An instrumental solo introduced the second act of the show. Playing the intros of different pieces (Block Party MonstAr, P!NK masquerade., DEAD or DEAD, Rinne Sentimental Gang, Boom Boom Neat), the four instrumentalists had their individual time to lead the loud audience. The fans, hyped by the solos, kept on dancing and opening their arms tirelessly as sign of appreciation for the music.

“Are you having fun? Wow this is amazing! Many people mocked us ‘you will gather 3000 people’, but you are more than 7000!” said Takeru. Chiyu interrupted him, “I am always listening to you, but if you don`t scream louder than usual I won`t hear you!”. The crowd screamed back. It was then that, in perfect English, Takeru left a special thanks for the many foreign fans “There are many many people who came from abroad today. This is the most, most important, huge, biggest dream for us!”

Best moment of the show was indeed the 10th Anniversary Medley. They played six songs from some of the oldest releases. The songs featured were “Alterna”, “Oreshiki Continue”, “R.P.G”., “Vi-Vi-Vi”, “-bushido- FREAKY”, “Fast Food Hunters”, and “Crazy Bunny Coaster”. Fans welcomed this mix with excited screams. Super-excited, both young and older fans were making choreographed dances all together.

Song by song, the tension got higher and higher. When it was time for “39GalaxyZ”, last song of the show, all 7000 fans didn’t refrain from vigorously head-banging and singing. It was just before the last chorus, that white stars made of paper fell down from the ceiling. The crowd, covered by stars, stared at the stage, sad in the the knowledge that the performance was going to end soon.

Shortly, blinding lights lit up the hall for the first encore. SuG`s gratitude to the fans was obvious. It was time for all the members to leave a message for their fans.

Shinpei: “This time I didn’t think about what to say. I haven’t realized it yet, but after this live show, I doubt we will stand on this stage together again. We would have been losers if we played in front of an empty venue, but look at you, there are so many of you! This is not only thanks to us but to the staff and all of you! I am so happy.”

Chiyu: “I have so many things to say. To you [the crowd] I want to say thank you and not sorry. When I reached out to many people, before the official announcement, I told them I wanted to give up music. Many told me to keep on going, and I felt happy. I thought about it and despite this hiatus I really want to keep playing bass.”

Yuji: “I have three things to say. First, thank you. Second, I have no regrets. There is nothing I left undone. Third, there is no third (laugh). But I thought one thing during today`s live performance. The people who gathered here today did it because of SuG. The real essence of SuG isn`t the songs, it`s this. Please take care of the people you met through SuG.”

Masato: “I feel many emotions but the strongest one is sadness. I am sad that we have to stop here. Finishing at Budokan makes me mad. That is why I wanted to do everything possible and have no regrets. I wanted to experience many more locales and crowds with this band. Many people loved us and this makes me proud. Not only people from Japan, but also people from all over the world. This makes me happy, I love all of you. Thank you!”

Takeru: ”Thank you for these 10 years. We did all we could and strove to achieve even the things we couldn’t, but in the end we couldn’t protect SuG. I am sorry. We bet on Budokan. To make music we did our best; even when the situation was so bad that it would have been normal to give up, we pretended to be tough so that nobody would notice we were having a bad time. We did our best and even now that we are here, I feel proud. Without running away, we moved toward this performance at Budokan.
“13 years ago I was watching my first professional live show here. It was a HYDE concert. I was an apathetic boy, but at that time I thought “I wonder how the view from the stage is”. I started my path there. To see that view from the stage became my dream and now it has become reality. You too, all of you can do the same! I wrote the next song imagining to sing it together with the me from 14 years ago”. The first notes of “Teenage dream” echoed in the big stadium and the fans listened, amazed. .

For the second encore the members came back wearing violet T-shirts. The fans let loose during the last two fun-but-nostalgic songs. During “Tokidoki sutekina kono sekai” an explosion of silver tape fell down on the crowd. Fists up in the air, the upbeat rhythm infected everybody with happiness. Ending their career spreading happiness and hope was a miracle only SuG could turn into reality.

“Thank you for becoming the reason to live for a dreamless boy like me. We are just five guys who got together and now are standing here. All of you could do it. I am sure you will be alright. Keep going on. This is the last “exceedingly positive“ message from Takeru and SuG. Thank you for having been our family.”

Set list

SE. mark
03. 不完全Beautyfool Days (Fukanzen Beautyfool Days)
04. Toy Soldier
05. 小悪魔Sparkling (Kohakuma Sparkling)
06. B.A.B.Y.
07. 無限Styles (Mugen Styles)
08. 桜雨 (Sakura Ame)
09. 無条件幸福論 (Mujōken Kōfukuron)
10. Howling Magic
11 sweeToxic
12. 契約彼女、生贄彼氏 (Keiyaku Kanojo, Ikenie Kareshi)
13. FRIDAY!!
14. gr8 story
15. ☆ギミギミ☆ (☆Gimme Gimme☆ )
16. SICK’S
17. mad$hip
〜俺式Continue (Oreshiki Continue)
〜R.P.G. -Rockin’ Playing Game
〜武士道 -bushido- FREAKY
〜Fast Food Hunters
〜Crazy Bunny Coaster
19. 39GalaxyZ

Encore 1
EC1. dot.0
EC2. teenAge dream
EC4. Smells Like Virgin Spirit

Encore 2
EC6. ときどきすてきなこのせかい (Tokidoki sutekina kono sekai)

Author: Sara T.
last update: 2017-09-20