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LUNA SEA 25th anniversary at Nippon Budokan
Date: 2017.08.05
Date of Interview: 2017.05.29
To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, LUNA SEA held a massive concert at the iconic venue Nippon Budokan on the 29th of May 2017. All 14,000 tickets for the special event completely sold out.

The lucky fans all sat around the stage waiting for the moment the band would appear on stage. Shinya’s flashy neon green drum set was placed in the middle of the stage with two screens each side.

The audience unpatiently began clapping their hands around six o’clock. After a sudden blackout, the first half of “Metamorphosis” began. Everyone cheered for the LUNA SEA members as they slowly walked on stage.

“I missed you all! I am so glad to be here at the Budokan on the 29th of May with you. Some are watching us on TV at home. Don’t break anything but let’s enjoy this night!”, LUNA SEA’s frontman, RYUICHI, briefly commented.

White streams of light lit the audience for one of their oldest songs “Dejavu”. INORAN (Gt) got closer to the front while SUGIZO(Gt and Violin) walked towards the other side of the stage to see the audience standing behind them. The following songs, “JESUS” and “Image”, were also from LUNA SEA’s earlier period in the 90s. However, these songs never seems to age. The setlist included some of their oldest songs, but didn’t give an impression that they were from the 90s at all.

“It's May 29th, it’s like we are celebrating this special day with you all. We can’t just age, we have to improve our quality as a band!”, RYUICHI looked around and spoke out to the audience again.

After a few uptempo tunes, RYUICHI took an acoustic guitar and performed a melancholic ballade “NO PAIN”. SUGIZO also switched his guitar to a violin and played a solo part during the song. Then everyone except SHINYA walked off the stage for the drum solo. The audience called out SHINYA’s name loudly and repeatedly as he responded to the audience by hitting the drums harder and harder. J(Bs) returned to the stage for his bass solo. Everyone called out J’s name this time and clapped their hands along to his base tunes.

Before performing another one of LUNA SEA’s biggest hits, “I for You”, RYUICHI spent another moment speaking to the audience to appreciate their supports over 25 years after their major debut.

“Nippon Budokan is a very special place. We performed here six times already but I still get excited standing here. It’s been 28 years. Although we were committed to make it big, we never thought about this moment after something like 30 years. Thank you. This is to you all, ‘I for you’”
RYUICHI seemed to put in special effort to sing “I for You”. It emphasised his powerful voice and made the audience feel as if it was especially sang for each of them. Then RYUICHI talked shortly again and sang one of their most well known songs, “Storm”. SUGIZO and RYUICHI put their heads against each other while INORAN jumped around the runway behind the stage. “TIME IS DEAD” and “Rosier” followed to excite the crowd to the peak. They put their arms up and swung at the same pace.

The last song before an encore was the other half of “Metamorphosis”. The light and project mapping on the stage made it look like the members were performing under the sea.

Right after the band disappeared from the stage, fans took out their mobile phones and turned on the flashlight function. A group of fans made small blue transparent pon-pons before the show and placed them on every single seat in the Nippon Budokan. Everyone held the light and pon-pons together to make it’s as if the venue were filled with thousands of blue stars. Some started singing Happy Birthday Song endlessly and gradually the voices became one to celebrate LUNA SEA’s 25th Anniversary altogether. To witness this dedicated fan act was truly epic and impressive.

LUNA SEA members returned back on stage for a few more songs. “It’s beautiful. Thank you for letting us see this amazing scene”, RYUICHI smiled and looked around the Nippon Budokan. The audience flapped the hand-made ponpons for “Anthem of Light” and “TONIGHT”. RYUICHI then introduced the band members, naming them the best musicians in the whole universe. He also mentioned LUNA SEA’s new theme will be “LOVE”. RYUICHI continued:
"There are problems in the the world now, yet friendships and love are always important. Sometimes love can be sadistic but LUNA SEA’s love can only be expressed by us. We will have more concerts on the 24th and 25th December this year at the Saitama Super Arena. We are ending this special night but be thrilled and look forward for the new dream that LUNA SEA will show you soon”.

After the last two songs, “WISH” and “MOTHER”, the band members put down their musical instruments but stayed on the stage for a while, spending the last minutes with their fans.

LUNA SEA’s 25th anniversary concert included songs from their first album to the latest album. They showed a wide range of songs and proved that they are always trying to be different. Some had quite aggressive tunes and others were so melodic that they brought the crowd to tears.

With this show, LUNA SEA didn’t just prove to us their long history but they also promised us their unlimited motivation for the future to keep creating the best music in J-Rock scene.

The Anniversary 2017
5.29 日本武道館

Set List

Metamorphosis ~Beginning part~
The End of the Dream
I’ll Stay With You
Dr. Solo ~ Bass Solo
I for You
Metamorphosis ~Ending part~

Anthem of Light
Author: Meiko Kikuta
last update: 2017-08-05