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Pentagon Japan Live at A-Kon in Fort Worth, Texas
Date: 2017.06.25
Artist:   Pentagon  
Date of Concert: 2017.06.09
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Pentagon Japan, a band not known to many in the United States, came to A-Kon[anime convention] in hopes to break out and gain some attention from the American anime crowd. With their bold looks and even bolder music style, I think they did just that.

The venue was packed with convention attendees, some specifically for Pentagon Japan, some just curious to see what this seemingly unknown band from Japan had to bring to the table. The crowd had just watched a performance from Masayoshi Ooishi of the band OxT followed by Eyeshine, so many maybe not have been prepared for what they were about to see next.

The lights went down and their Show Time intro music started up as the guys took the stage. The crowd went wild. Going right into the first song of the setlist Chizuru[Vocal] shouted, "We are Crazy Tribe!" Crazy Tribe, Pentagon Japan's most recent single release is a party song unlike the guys have made before. It incited the fans and got them rocking hard, especially when Chizuru and Yutori[Guitar] broke out into their Kabuki Running man dance routine. The next song, Stupid, a wild mix of hard rock melodic melody and even rapping at times, really shows Pentagon Japan's range and ability in one song. This is the first song fans got a glimpse of Chizuru's super unique screaming style.

Tetsu Kizu played next.The song's lighter pop-rock sound spoke more to the anime fans in the audience. It also gave the members the opportunity to play around with each other on stage. Yutori walked up and got really close to Chizuru. Without him expecting it, Yutori suddenly planted a big kiss on him. Initially, Chizuru couldn't sing from pure shock. Continuing with the song he ran over to fist bump Taku[Guitar]. Chizuru then went over and put his arm around Minpha[Bass], and got really close to Minpha's face as if he wanted a kiss from him. Minpha playfully moved his face away. Chizuru, slightly defeated, shrugged with a smile while patting him on the head. During the chorus, they encouraged the fans to twirl the band's tour towel in the air. Just like the fans in Japan often do in unison during certain songs.

After the playful Tetsu kizu was their first MC, where the members introduced themselves. Chizuru crouched on the stage to let the members stay a few words. First up, Atsuki[Drums], "I am Atsuki!" he begins to stand on the seat of his drum kit. "I love America! America Socks!" pointing down and lifted his left leg, showing he was sporting some pretty sweet American flag socks. "WOO!" he shouts. Next was Taku, "Hello, I am Taku. I love Texas. I love barbecue. Very! Very! Very! Very! Very! Very! Delicious." Minpha started laughing, covering his face with his kimono sleeve.

A small pause took place as Minpha turned to grab a sheet of white paper that he had written his message onto [Minpha doesn't speak]. Taku and Chizuru stare blankly at it for a moment Chizuru, took a seat and read it aloud, "My Name is MinPha. I love Dallas, I love America, I love A-Kon!" You could hear fans shouting different things. Chizuru stands up and points to Yutori, who shouts "Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa! Make some fXXk'n noise. I am Japanese John Lennon." He takes off his guitar and turns it over to show the A-Kon temple arc symbol that is A-Kon's logo painted on the back and shouts "I Love A-Kon, I love A-Kon. But, I love QuickTrip* more." He lowers his guitar and starts to shout the famous Dragon Ball Z phrase "Ka.. Me.. Ha.. Me- thank you." walking away from the mic. The fans let a collective 'Awwwww!' and Chizuru called him out on not finishing it so he runs back up and exclaims, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" pushing his hand forward together as to release the power of the dragon ball. The fans went nuts. "Thank You!" he shouted. Chizuru was last, "Hi, my name is Chizuru. Chi-zu-ru." The fans repeat him, "We have been so excited to play in this arena, at A-Kon, because this is our first concert overseas and in America! So... Make some fXXkn noise! Come on! Come on!"

This led into the song Shounen Waltz, one of the top 5 most fun Pentagon Japan songs to experience live. Unlike the concerts in Japan where fans do the choreographed moves [called Furitsuke, often times made by the band's vocalist] to certain parts in the songs, fans here chose to jump, dance and head bang, everyone having a great time. Newly released track, Toon World was next. The crowd continued to jam and work themselves up into a frenzy watching each member gave it their all. Playing songs like 17, then As. gave the fans a taste of early vs current Pentagon Japan, more polished and sounding better than ever. The joy in the eyes of some of the fans was indescribable.

WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL, a true Pentagon Japan representative track if there ever was one, transported us into the dark fantasy dream world the guys often create in their music. The fans ate it up, some even singing along. I looked upon the stage and at the fans faces in awe. I had not anticipated that the vibe could be so full of an energy you could feel go through you. It was a little intoxicating. The guys never let up the pace from Believe on into another fan favorite, Jesus Phobia. This is where things got interesting. Guitarist, Yutori was like a maniac, running from side to side collapsing on the floor while still strumming his guitar. He was all over the place. Like a bundled up emotion bomb crackling, waiting to explode like a firework on the fourth of July. It truly was a sight to see.

For the final MC, they took a bit more time and brought a translator out to help them better express what they wanted to say. Chizuru sat on one of the large protruding boxes on the side of the stage to give everyone else a chance to be seen and heard a bit more. Fans screamed out some of the members names during this time. After a bit of playful banter, Yutori began shouting at the crowd in Japanese, saying all kinds of crazy things. Chizuru pointed and said, "You know, you probably should use that translator over there." Everyone laughed. It was really fun listening to them talk and laugh at each other.

After the brief cool down, it was time to get rocking again with Popcorn Monster. This heavy dark tune had fans dancing and going crazy. Shinsekai was next. The rocking supreme, melodic song kept the crowd moving and the members going all out on the stage. Again, hearing those incredible screams from Chizuru before the song took a more poppy turn at the chorus, where the fans started jumping and waving their hands. This is another one of those songs that reminds you how much of a multi range vocalist Chizuru is and Pentagon Japan's ability to keep switching it up musically.

Turning onto the lighter, melodic side of the setlist were songs, Fumikiri Maigo, where Taku and Yutori came together for an awesome guitar solo, followed by Bokura no Uta. The light and cheerful song was a nice closing choice, with the fans even singing the "La, La.." part along with Chizuru while swaying their hands side to side. The guys came up to the edge of the stage and thanked the crowd, Atsuki threw out a drum stick, Yutori threw a pick, and a water bottle came from Chizuru. The fans scrambled to catch the items and screamed as they exited the stage. The stage went black. The quiet and slightly confused fans chattered about. They soon began shouting for Pentagon Japan to return to the stage for an encore, screaming many different things, but trying to be as loud as they possibly could. The screaming didn't let up.

The roars grew louder as the members, now sporting their US exclusive concert Tee, came back onto the stage. Atsuki came up to the edge of the stage giving serious Rock'n'Roll face and a single thumbs up pose way up in the air. The others took their positions and Yutori that had joined Chizuru center stage. Talking among-st themselves, Yutori motioned with wide open arms, gesturing to split the crowd. Chizuru in disbelief, cracked a big grin and I could hear him say "Really!?" Yutori was very firm in wanting to do this so Chizuru announced it to the crowd. The crowd began to split apart and Chizuru exclaimed, "...then 3, 2, 1 crash, okay?" the fans agreed and started to move together. He yelled, "wait! Wait!" separating them again. I felt it was almost impossible to command the crowd in this way, but as the music for Dou demo ee kedo started I could see the guys preparing for it. The song starts out with a rap intro and goes into a mosh friendly musical beat. Instead of the rapping part Chizuru was carefully watching the crowd and getting ready. Just as he was about have the crowd crash together with the music, Yutori jumped off stage, over the barricade, right into the crowd and the moshing ensued. It was chaos! Everybody was jumping around like crazy and Pentagon Japan, having just lost a member to the pit powered on full speed. Yutori finally joined the members back onstage, continuing the rock fest. Minpha playing off the crowd, blowing kisses and pointing into the crowd before going back to striking that enormous bass.

Lastly, one of Pentagon Japan's most famously, fun encore songs, Hitokui teddy bear. This song was like fire, insanity from start to finish. Fans rocking out, Yutori, wanting another taste of the crowd secretly jumped off stage and quickly ran out of the barricade again. The fans were going wild! Chizuru hopped off stage to high five fans at the barricade, he even jumped up at one side of the barricade and shouted lyrics while fans held him up. Yutori returned and sat on one of the boxes setting out from the stage while playing. He stood up and started reaching out to pull fan's arms, forcing the barricade towards him, grabbing the hands of screaming fans, even patting their heads. This song was packed with energy til the very end, the members came to edge of the stage to wave and thank fans for the final time throwing out picks, drumsticks and water bottles. The fans didn't want them to go. The last water bottle Chizuru had was still filled with water. Instead of throw it, he thought he would come down and hand it off to a fan. He reached into the crowd with it. Fans went for it, grabbing and squeezing it, trying to keep it from anyone else. Still having the straw in it, water squirted back into his face and onto his neck and shoulder. Chizuru, shocked by what had just happened, laughed with such amuse and confusion, then hopped back onto the stage.

All members left the stage besides Yutori, who grabs the mic and says "My name is Yutori! Everybody say 'Yutori, Yutori'" The crowd starts to chant 'Yutori, Yutori' He shouts. "I will remember tonight, everyday!" He threw up a peace sign and walks off the stage. Directly after the concert, they signed autographs and greeted a screaming group of 150+ people. This was a lot crazier than my experience seeing these guys in Japan, no question!

Pentagon Japan has proven themselves as a band truly capable of capturing the hearts, minds and the attention of the old, the young, girls, boys, Visual Kei and non Visual Kei fans alike. We don't know what these guys have up their sleeve next as far as US appearances, but what you can be sure of is they definitely have fans here waiting for them to return.

Tetsu Kizu
Shounen Waltz
Toon World
Jesus phobia
Popcorn Monster
Fumikiri Maigo
Bokura no Uta
Dou Demo ee Kedo
Hitokui Teddy Bear

Author: Syreeta Turner
last update: 2017-08-15