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RAINDIA Oneman Live “Zennihon Tonakai Shuukai Tandoku
Date: 2017.05.23
Artist:   RAINDIA  
Date of Concert: 2017.02.25
Dark atmospheres and bewitching rhythms were married in the brand-new visual kei band RAINDIA’s performance at Ikebukuro EDGE.

A show that was impressive even before its start; dim blue lights on an empty stage and the sound effect of a rainy day made stepping into this famous underground venue a new experience.

Four members walked on stage, surrounded by sparkling blue lights and the captivating sound of the SE. A few seconds of darkness followed, and Ken Miyoshi finally joined them, singing the cheerful and haunting intro of “Aurora”.

Fans went crazy from the first song, screaming and head-banging wildly. The set-list was an impressive escalation of captivating songs, and a savage mosh started from the third song, “Zangyakuteki Kyoushikyoku”. It was surprising how RAINDIA’s music charmed the crowd, obedient to the members that were guiding its dance from the stage.

Remarkable performances were those of the two tracks included in their new (and first) single “Trash Juice”: “Hekiraku no Higanbana” and “Kaigisei Paranoia”. In particular, “Hekiraku no Higanbana”, the only song that featured Ken Miyoshi`s guitar performance, made everybody stand still. Its chorus’ tranquil tune and the light blue lights surrounding the stage were mesmerizing. It was just about the end when people finally raised their arms, a sign of appreciation and praise.

During the next songs the members seemed to have a lot of fun. Playing several solos, they showed how talented they are. The last song of the evening was one of the most exciting, unforgettable moments of the event. Firing up the crowd and screaming with all their force (even the drummer, Tsubasa, seemed to be jumping in his seat), the band made the perfect grand finale of “『Akibin。』”.

But the night wasn’t going to end there. When the curtains closed, the fans were eager to listen to more songs and ready as ever to have more fun. Pushing themselves against the stage they started calling the band out, asking for an encore. RAINDIA were back on the stage soon. “Aren’t you ready to pass out? Can you still continue? Can you?” asked Ken Miyoshi to the screaming crowd.

The four-song encore was the most fun moment of the show. Ken Miyoshi`s performance got as theatrical as ever and the other members started energetically swapping places on and off the front podium.

The energy reached its peak during “NEO PSYCHO”, S and Takahiro got super cheerful, and Ken Miyoshi left the stage to join the moshing crowd. The onstage members kept hopping in the same direction of the moshing crowd, calling the crowd near the stage to gyaku-dive (back dive) from time to time. Ryu was just as energetic, lifting his arms and screaming from the center of the stage. It was impossible to tell who was having more fun, the band or the fans.

“Thank you for being our hope’s little light, thank you”, is how the sincerely grateful band thanked its fans before leaving the stage.

RAINDIA released their first single three months ago, and with this performance they showed they still have a lot to give. We are sure we'll be seeing more of them.

 Set list
1.嘔漏羅 (Aurora)
2.<骸/骸> (Saikoro)
4.残虐的狂死曲 (Zangyakuteki Kyoushikyoku)
5.『毒疑師』 (『Doukeshi』)
6.碧落ノ彼岸花 (Hekiraku no Higanbana)
7.秋入梅 (Akitsuiri)
8.懐疑性パラノイア(Kaigisei Paranoia)
9.後悔謝罪嗚呼融解 (Koukai Shazai Aa Yuukai)
10.左手首とカッターナイフ (Hidaritekubi to Cutter Knife)
11.たんぽぽ畑 (Tanpopo Batake)

1.絶望インフェルノ(Zetsubou Inferno)
2.Flashback the Complex
4.幽鬱 (Yuu utsu)
Author: Sara T.
last update: 2017-06-14