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Smileberry 3rd ONEMAN TOUR-Charlie Birth Day at Shibuya REX
Date: 2017.04.25
Artist:   Smileberry  
Date of Concert: 2017.03.12
Smileberry: the name itself evokes attractive images of laughter and fun. At Shibuya Rex on March 12th, the band lives up to this bright image with a oneman show dedicated to the birthday of their drummer, Charlie.
It was clear from the stage set-up whose special day it was: for once the drums were at the front right side of the stage, rather than in the back.

Smileberry's music is a mix of energetic, bold riffs and happy-go-lucky melodies, as the live showcased from the start with the merry rock of [OneStory], the clear and resounding drums and spinning towels of [Go My Way], and the cute hand choreography or furitsuke and rhythm of [Hare Hare Yukai] .
The vocalist then interrupted the jumping for a short MC. "The spring oneman tour has started! - he said - Are you having fun? Thank you for coming! Aside from the tour start, there is another important event today... it is Charlie's birthday! "
After everyone's applause, the drummer and vocalist proceeded to explain the peculiar set-up. "I wanted to try and be on this side for once! - said Charlie- They don't do this kind of thing often in Visual Kei".
"When I looked at him while I was drinking water - commented Motoki pointing at the drummer - he looked so happy! "
"I am happy! - he confirmed - but it's difficult to be here because I cannot see everyone like I usually do from the back..."

The following songs were also a hymn to summer and smiles, with the beachy atmosphere of [Sun!Sun!Smile!!] followed by the distorted refrain of [LUCKY DAY], remindful of vocaloid tunes, and [Wonder World] which sent the crowd jumping.

It was then time for a quieter moment. Vocalist Motoki explained that compared to events with bands playing, at oneman shows it's easier to feel the "heart" of their fans. He also added that at every live, the members slightly change the arrangements of the songs, sometimes in almost imperceptible ways, so every live is a bit different, and naturally songs are also different for each different set of ears and the band thinks deeply about what they want to convey with each songs at each live. With this premise, he said he really wanted everyone in the room to listen and profoundly feel the following song, the emotional up-tempo ballad [Strawberry Potion], which was followed by another slower song, the retro-ish [Milk Step], and by the sultrier [Kokoro Yowamushi].

It was then time for the birthday boy to shine in its own solo, basking in the people screaming his name repeatedly. Fans had no time to rest when the whole band came back for [Fly Again], a mix of rock stanzas and mellow, airy refrains.
" Scream more! - protested the vocalist at the end -this is the volume of voice I hear at event lives not at oneman shows!". After some more screaming and calling of Charlie's name, the drummer briefly took the microphone to say that doing a live with a drum solo and drumset at the front of the stage was a dream come true for him.
The band then performed a new song, a piece that they had written a while before but never released. After a brief explanation of the furitsuke, the band launched in the youthful and "chu chu rabu (kiss kiss love)" mood of the new track.
The end was only a couple of songs away, with the signature pop of [Smiley] and [We're Smiley's] to close off the main set.

Big red balloons were launched in the room from the side doors as soon as encore calls started, and the encore ended up becoming the drummer's "oneman show". First was a short comedy skit, on which he presented some "Things that happen a lot in Visual Kei". From bandmen looking up their own name in the search and discovering people selling their cheki for cheap, to bandmen following or retweeting their fans by mistake, the truthfulness of his skits sent everyone in the room into laughing fits.
After that, the members switched parts: vocalist Motoki took the drums while for once Charlie took the center of the stage to sing the last song [Cutie Honey], during which members switched instruments multiple times and one by one took the microphone to sing the vocals.
Sadly the live was eventually over, and guitarist Paru echoed everyone's feelings by saying "After all, birthday lives are a lot of fun!".

Sadly, it has just been announced that three members (guitarist Paru, bassist Yunaand drummer Charlie) will be leaving the band after their oneman live at Shibuya Rex on May 31st. However, fans will have plenty of occasions to see the band before that, at several events inside Japan and instore events for the release of their best album [Hayatsumami berrys], coming out on May 10th.


Go My Way




Milk step
Fly again


We're Smiley's

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