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the GazettE at Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Date: 2017.03.27
Artist:   GazettE (the)  
Date of Concert: 2017.03.10
On March 10th, the GazettE invited us for a trip to the past, going back to their DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA era for this special live, the 15th anniversary live 「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」 at YOYOGI National Gymnasium.

It's a full venue that welcomed the well-known Visual Kei band on that night, eager to hear songs from the past that hadn't been played live for several years. Yoyogi National Gymnasium woke up as soon as the lights shut down, and cherry blossom petals projected from the ceiling in the arena fluttered around with red lasers, as panels announcing « DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA » and « BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA » rose through the floor on stage, “HERESY” fanclub logo in background and torches burning on the sides. Fireworks bursting, and the 5 members appeared on the higher part of the stage, welcomed by the audience screaming. The musicians joined their instruments, and the first notes of the opening song, Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi immediately thrilled the fans, who danced altogether under sakura petals. RUKI danced and moved around on stage, joining URUHA and then REITA, until his voice quietly echoed in the venue during the quiet part of the song. The crowd heartfully sang the first part of the last chorus, before going back to dancing.

KAI's quick paced drums introduced Zetsu, and AOI's headbangs, RUKI's screams echoed by the fans jumping and throwing their fists in the air, and URUHA's feverish solo heated up the atmosphere. Juuyon Sai no Knife started with its characteristic bass and drum line, before the whole venue followed the choreography showed by the singer, clapping hands in rhythm. REITA took the center spot for his bass solo, introduced by RUKI screaming « On bass ! REITA ! », guitarists challenging each other on the left part of the stage. One last choreography altogether, slowly driving the crowd into nostalgia.

RUKI announced the rare Sentimental na Onigokko, the crowd screaming in disbelief. His disturbing voice and crazy dance under reddish lights brought back old memories, the singer frenetically touching his face and talking in a megaphone. RUKI heated up the fans, asking if they were enjoying the show so far, and REITA started playing an intro for the next song that the crowd recognized as Back drop Junkie[nancy] as soon as the « Sakura, sakura » line resounded in the venue. Violent headbangs and jumps commanded by the GazettE members got the YOYOGI National Gymnasium shaking, URUHA moving around on stage and REITA furiously headbanging. Lights shut down for a while, before a dim red spot lit up AOI's place, playing his iconic intro for Sugar Pain with a lascivious dance. Brutal riffs, whispered verses and growls, and the melodious choruses made the fans gently dance, waving their hands in the air. The song ended as it started, lights on AOI, playing the last notes slowly before falling on his knees.

After a short break, the quintet started Toguro, burning torches lightning the stage as RUKI undulated his hips murmuring the « gururi gururi » lines, and the captivating choruses saw the singer dancing and AOI slowly headbanging along. The stage went dark again, and KAI's drums broke the silence, a faint light traveling through the venue. Slow and halting guitar riffs rose the tension higher, soon cut by the singer's voice introducing Kawareta Haru Kawarenu Haru. The fans hands elegantly waving in the air followed the ballad's rhythm, more insistant during AOI's solo, until RUKI's harrowing last « oh yeah » lines echoed in the hall.

Applauses from the crowd, and the singer standing on his center platform, only one lit up on the dark stage, began singing Last Bouquet chorus a cappella. The lights made the panels on the sides going through various vivid colors, giving a beautiful scenery for this light ballad, URUHA's melancholic solo driving us into nostalgia again. AOI switched to acoustic guitar, and RUKI's voice calmed down. The audience quietly watched until the end of the song, and the singer disappeared for a quick while, coming back with a guitar, and whispering in his microphone the name of the following song, Cassis. RUKI played guitar along with AOI and URUHA and began singing the iconic song of the band in its revised version, as it figures in the TRACES vol.2 BALLAD BEST ALBUM released on March 8th. The crowd, silent, watched with a visible emotion URUHA's solo and RUKI then singing with his guitar alone. AOI ended the song with a sincere smile, applauses quickly following. Back to a more dancing rhythm, Zakurogata no Yuutsu brought back lively choreographies, the singer moving around on stage and KAI smiling behind the drums. A green laser light travelled through the arena, and the venue went dark again.

RUKI cheered up the crowd, asking to the arena and stands to scream, and teased the fans for not knowing what to do during old songs. He announced COCKROACH, giving a start to the violent part of the set, bringing the audience back to its senses. Headbangs and jumps shook the venue, and the singer danced on the left aisle, as URUHA and REITA played with each other. Tension reached its highest point during the break, before the YOYOGI National Gymnasium turned into chaos as the whole crowd until the last rows of the third floor headbanged with the quintet.
Wife kept the atmosphere crazy, REITA, URUHA and AOI screaming with RUKI, supported by KAI's frenzied drums. The crowd leaned back and forth and headbanged again under the members' commands.

On his center platform, RUKI kept shouting « I AM ! I AM ! » making the fans scream, as URUHA pointed at him jokingly. Finally, he announced « I AM A RUDER » and the guitar riff started, soon unleashing headbangs again. The members moved around on stage, RUKI going to the right aisle and REITA on the left, before coming back to the center for his solo, leaving the spot for URUHA after. AOI soon joined him on the center platform, challenging him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. The fans shouted along with RUKI « I AM A RUDER ! » and danced altogether for the last chorus. The singer's devilish laugh introduced THE $OCIAL RIOT MACHINE$, his growl echoing in the venue, before he started screaming his lines at a hellish pace. Relentless, the audience followed the band into chaos again, headbanging with the members.

As soon as the singer announced Kantou Dogeza Kumiai, many fans kneeled down to furiously headbang to the mythic song of the band, jumping then between RUKI's screams. Switching spots, the members gave everything for the last song of the main set, REITA playing on the right aisle, AOI swinging his hips in the center, and URUHA spinning around an then standing on KAI's platform, playing while facing him. The guitarists played back to back for a while, leaving the center spot for REITA as the singer wandered around on stage, until the last brutal riff that got the whole venue headbanging madly. The singer thanked the audience, and the whole band left after throwing picks and drumsticks, closing the main part of the live.

« ENCORE » screams kept rising from the arena, as the lights went back on, KAI, REITA, URUHA and AOI appearing on stage wearing 15th anniversary t-shirts and parkas. KAI held his traditional encore speech, asking to the fans if they were enjoying the show and if they wanted more, before his scream echoed through the venue. RUKI came back to start Doro Darake no Seishun, and the members danced, throwing their legs to the sides, as they usually do for this song. The singer teased URUHA for showing his thighs in his past inspired outfit, quickly getting pushed away as the crowd laughed. KAI's recognizable drumline announced Akai One-piece, and RUKI commanded to the audience to headbang again. URUHA took the center spot for the break, fans jumping in the arena, and shortly after his guitar broke the silence, the venue shook under restless headbangs. Followed by the crowd, the singer made the ending choreography on the center platform, before lights shut down again.

Visibly touched, RUKI thanked the fans for coming, and for the previous 15 years. Talking about the setlist, he expressed the band\'s fear to play very old songs, that a good part of the fans might never have heard, like Sentimental na Onigokko. Responding to many affirmative screams from the audience, he asked if they meant seeing it live, resulting in only a few screams. « Ah, it suddenly decreased ! » RUKI said laughing. The singer also explained that the results of the survey that was posted on the GazettE's website to give a chance to the fans to chose the songs they could hear at the live were quite unexpected for the band, and made them anxious since they didn\'t remember some of the dances themselves, but that those songs ended up being very good for this live.

After cheering up the crowd again, RUKI started「Haru ni Chirikeri Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu」with its dynamic choreography. Melancholic choruses followed deep growls until the crowd repeated the dance ending the song with the singer. ☆ BEST FRIENDS☆ brought a cheerful yet nostalgic atmosphere, REITA joining RUKI in the center to play with him, KAI smiling and singing behind the drums, and the whole band singing together the last chorus, showing that even after 15 years, the GazettE members are still united, bringing tears to the fans' eyes. LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~ gave an end to the encore, the crowd clapping hands in rhythm with KAI's drums, before moshing and headbanging with all their energy left. The members switched spots again, AOI's solo on the center platform thrilling the fans, and the last chorus saw the entire audience waving at the band, the guitarist waving back at them smiling. After a last moment of madness, the quintet slowly ended the song, thanking the audience and leaving with applauses.

Shortly after leaving, the five members came back on stage, RUKI expressing again the members' gratitude to the fans, their pride to be part of the Visual Kei scene, and their will to keep being part of it. Ending his speech with a « aishitemasu » (« I love you »), he announced Miseinen, and glitters fell down from the ceiling in a bursting sound. Emotion quickly took over the venue, fans crying and dancing with glitters in their hands. The singer called REITA for his solo, screaming « ON BASS ! » until he came to the center platform. More cherry blossom petals rained over the arena, making the end of the song an unforgettable scenery closing the set of the GazettE\'s DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA 15th anniversary live「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」.

In tears, AOI collapsed, comforted by the other members. URUHA thanked the fans for the long way until now, KAI expressed his gratitude and will for the GazettE to go on, as AOI and REITA were jokingly fighting to talk last. Finally AOI explained how happy he was to be with the GazettE and in front of the fans, requesting to them to keep loving the band. As he tried to talk, REITA couldn\'t find his words and burst in tears, managing to thank the fans before being teased by RUKI for crying. The singer, looking at the members with emotion, promised us that the GazettE still had a lot more to offer in the future.
Under RUKI\'s order, the fans joined hands, and jumped altogether with the band, making the venue shake one last time, before the quintet left the stage.

The trip back to the past the GazettE offered on March 10th at YOYOGI National Gymnasium during their DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA 15th anniversary live「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」 deeply moved all the fans and showed us how the band keeps finding new ways to show gratitude to their faithful audience. After releasing the WORLD TOUR 16 DOCUMENTARY DOGMATIC -TROIS- on January 25th and the TRACES vol.2 BALLAD BEST ALBUM on March 8th, the GazettE skilfully put up to date their old releases again and offered a visually and musically intense show that, far from being the end of an era, was a celebration starting the many more years of activity we wish them.
As many fans were not able to attend this sold out live, the band will hold a fanclub limited extension standing tour of five lives in April, for everybody to enjoy the 15th anniversary. Additionally, after a 9 year break, the GazettE will hold an outdoor festival at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest on August 19th, the LIVE IN SUMMER 17 「BURST INTO A BLAZE 3」, an event that should not be missed under any circumstance.


1) Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi
2) zetsu
3) Juuyon Sai no Knife
4) Sentimental na Onigokko
5) Back drop Junkie[nancy]
6) Sugar Pain
7) Toguro
8) Kawareta Haru Kawarenu Haru
9) Last bouquet
10) Cassis
11) Zakurogata no Yuutsu
13) Wife
14) Ruder
16) Kantou Dogeza Kumiai

EN1) Doro Darake no Seishun
EN2) Akai One-Piece
EN3) 「Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu」
EN5) LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~

WEN1) Miseinen
Author: Coline
last update: 2017-04-27