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Interview with LOKA.
Date: 2017.02.14
Artist:   LOKA  
Thank you very much for taking your time to answer our questions (and happy new year!)

1. Please introduce yourself.
We are Tokyo based heavy drinking, partying, all that fun stuff band LOKA! lol
This band focus on creating a new atmosphere with our fans, and we want to crossover the language barrier and culture with our music.
Lately we’ve been focusing on the fashion side since we want to communicate with our fans to create a modern style of what kinda clothe style would be cool at live venues.

Everything you wanna know you can find on http://loka-official, http://facebook/LokaOfficial, twitter @LOKAofficial, instagram LOKAJAPAN.
Follow us and comment us, we upload a lot here.

2. First, we would like to congratulate Miro for his coming within the group. How is it, how is the atmosphere?
In any case, we hope to see you soon, discover you during a future concert in France. ^^
Its been a whole new experience! I’m actually being able to do things I really wanted to do as a band and musically as well.
LOKA is a very active band, I think its the most active band I’ve every been, so I’m working hard to keep up lol.
kihiro and KEN’ICH are great to be with as musician and a friend, we hang out all the time and work hard about LOKA.

3. Kihiro and Ken'ichi, can you summarize the career of LOKA in a few words?
LOKA is a place where we are finding our true artist form. We had our ups and downs, changing of members but recently we feel really good of where we are now.
Everything we’ve done, we think we did to be where we at now. Our music is evolving each album and right now, we feel that we are finding the true form of LOKA.
This is our lifework, and we have fun with it. Thats how we want our fans to see, and interpret our positive energy within their lives too.

4. Kihiro, can you tell us about your role in the American movie, "She\'s just a shadow”?
Um, Well I’m a gangster, womanizer but a sensitive guy lol. I can’t tell you much about what the movie is about but it was a very interesting experience.
Its filled with scenes of once in a lifetime experience a man would fantasize lol. Still it was a tough act, but I enjoyed the new experience of acting.
Performing is something I’ve done my life, so I didn’t feel any difficulty, and director Adam Sherman was such a great guy, he changed my life and opened a new door for me.
All the staff were awesome too, being a leader of a band, I learned a lot from them, what they do, what they think and feel. I feel its an important information for a leader.

5. You have released two singles on January 20th ("sense of crisis" and "let it die-20xx"), one for a PS4 game of the same name and the other in collaboration with Pablo of "Pay money do my pain ", Can you tell us about it (theme, creation, lyrics, etc)?

We originally wrote SENSE OF CRISIS song for a SNOWBOARD event called PARK AIR held in Sapporo.
The song is about “any second we can die, so make sure you prove that you lived”.
I love X-SPORTS (Skate, Snowboard, MotorCross, Surf, etc.) which requires a lot of discipline and concentration because, one mistake and your life is at risk.
I believe having sense of crisis will always keep you sharp in life, cause there is always something out there that can just mess you up. Stay sharp and we can avoid that. That’s how I wanna live, share and care. We are all walking towards death anyway, so why not prove each second that we are alive.

LET IT DIE-20XX- was actually the bonus CD single for our previous album EVO:ERA. At that time we were told the Gunho GAME LET IT DIE will be released, but it was actually released later in USA and EU only lol.
Now the game will be released in Japan on February. So that is the reason we are releasing it as a single online. The song is mainly focused on the game so its not the original style for LOKA which can be interesting for our fans. It’s pure HARDCORE METAL lol.

6. Kihiro, what does it mean to work for the first time with your 10-year-old friend Pablo and how did go the concerts with him?
I called up PABLO as soon as our recording date was set. We have a long relationship and I dreamed of working with him once. It was one phone call, he said “cool, when?” that was it lol.
He arranged some of the guitar parts but most of all... His guitar sound!!! AWESOME!!!! I first heard in the studio and was like “yup! thats what we needed!
It meant a lot... as some of the people may know, we toured together back in the days, me as Supe and PABLO as Pay money To my Pain. We played USA together, toured Japan many times.
Most of all.. we met through our mutual Rock Star friend K, singer of PTP. The show was awesome of course, but there was moment when we would look at each other during the performance, and I thought to myself this was what K saw and heard... it felt really awesome. We hope K’s watching from heaven. I want to keep working with Pablo as much as we can, continue what we do and maybe do something someday, what K wanted to do in this world.

7. Are these two singles the beginning of a next album?
Oh yea! heads up! Next album is gonna be awesome!!!
Not because its new and all that, its because LOKA is finally finding our true music form.
We challenged so many things from the beginning, and after EVO:ERA we kinda noticed where are true art form is.
Who we are, what we are best at. These are the most important elements for us in creating music.
So its gonna be the best, we went many directions, tried different things, and now our road is solid.
That is what you are gonna hear.

8. You spoke on the social networks of a "world tour" in preparation, becomes it a reality? Do you know more or less when she will take place?
In any case, we are impatient to see you again in France! (Europe)
France of course! We are aiming for September and October so please keep your eyes on our website and SNS sites. It will happen.
Its gonna be a huge world release tour.

9. What are your future projects?
Well we have already started new projects. Our Facebook and Instagram is uploaded daily and very active.
We also started an entertainment program called X-LIMIT TV on YouTube so please be a registered viewer.
LOKA will push themselves to reach out to our fans more through the internet, create events fans can join and communicate.
We find it very important of SNS and internet contents now since not only the music industry but the whole entertainment industry has changed.
We’re gonna challenge new ways to get our music and message reached to many people as we can.

10. What is your "péché mignon" (Guilty pleasure, little weakness)?
French girls. Sigh... we gotta learn more French! lol

Thanks to LOKA and HIGHFeeL to have made this interview possible.
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