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PassCode at Shinkiba Studio Coast
Date: 2017.01.17
Artist:   PassCode  
Date of Concert: 2016.12.28
PassCode is more than an idol basic group, I would describe them as a real rock band full of energy with 4 electric girls Nao, Kaede, Yuna and Hinako. They started their activities in 2014 and after playing in huge festival as SUMMER SONIC and big live house by their own like Akasaka BLITZ, the band marked their major debut in 2016 with Universal music. Nippon project had the honor to see their performance of -PassCode MISS UNLIMITED Tour 2016- at Shinkiba Studio Coast on December 28th.

The Live house was totally full. When the intro started fans jumped in rhythm before clapping hands while the curtain on stage lights up showing nothing more than the girls silhouette before they kicked off the live, launched with powerful shouts from Yuna on “MISS UNLIMITED”. They followed their explosive performance with Toxic, then Nao shouted out ‘ everybody sing with us!!!” before Nextage" everybody sing with us!! The 4 girls were dancing on circle while the public was singing on refrain. Next, the band showed us their force with 激動プログレッシブ,a song more aggressive with ultra-fast beats from drummer’s rhythm and an energetic refrain. The audience reproduce with enthusiasm the dancing movement of the members.
The next song, Cry Out marked an interesting contrast between Yuna’s strong growls andHinako’sway of singing softly, reaching beautiful notes as the main singer of the song. Then the members did a little speech.
Nao: thank you!!! Everyone do you have fun?? I am so happy that you all came to see us.
Kaede: thank you for gathering in such a huge number!!
Hinako: honestly I was very nervous but we are having so much fun!! I will do my best!!
Yuna: I didn't think that we would perform in this such wonderful place as Shinkiba coast. I am very thankful and we are counting on you from now too!!
Nao: we will do our best from now too so follow us!!! Let's go!!

TRACE was following the girls’ enthusiasm with its aggressive and loudrhythm. Yuna’s kind of death-metal inspired singing at first impressed the whole audience, before being bluffed with the perfect harmony of the 4 members singing together. Axis with its dancing rhythm was particularly popular and you could see tons of fans doingslam in the audience.
Club Kids Never Die started with super electro sounds, well mixed with the strength of Yuna’s scream followed by Kaede’s rare growls while XYZ’s metal sounds turned the crowd into chaos, while the fans weremoving as hardly as in a metal festival. Next, the melodic song ドリームメーカー was showing more the electro part of the band, while the girls were dancing with a lots of enthusiasm. Nao sang in English with powerful voice.
オレンジ was clearly different, and started slowly with calm piano. “Thank you so much" was said by Nao before singing along the radiant ballad. All the members sang alone turn by turn and touched the audience with the love song.

The girls left the stage and the drummer, Kid'z (MY FIRST STORY) started a fierce solo. Then, he was followed by Toshihiro (ex.my-Butterfly)’s bass slapping. Next Yoichi and KENT (ex-LOTH) impressed the audience with crazy high rifts from their guitar solos. The musical band session warmed up the public with coba84’s keyboard adding some electro sounds.
The members run on stage and Nao launched the next song by screaming “give me more noise" and Never Sleep Again started in a stormy atmosphere.
Fans clapped in their hands at the beginning of Kissの花束 before all the 4members started to sing all together. On this song, you could notice some “circle” in the crowd where fans executed the choreography like the members perfectly. Now I Know started madly with an incredible movement in the crowd after the whole audience was separated in 2 parts, where each side ran into the other one vigorously while some flame showed up on stage along Kid’z fierce beats.

MOON PHASE started with guitar riffs while Nao thanked the audience. On this song the synthesizer was more imposing and the beautiful melody was much appreciated while all the members reached high notes in perfect harmony.
After from here was over, Nao took the micro “The live was really fun! Thank you so much!!” All the members thanked the audience in sync before leaving the stage. The members just had the time to saygood bye than the crowd asked for an encore with amazing scream and loud voice.

Electro sounds with blue lights launched the beginning of the comeback of the girls on stage.
The live performance went up with Yuna’s strong scream and violent movement in the crowd. " Shinkiba coast! Thank you so much!! Let's have fun till the end! " shouted by Kaede announced NINJA BOMBER.

Nao introduced the musician members before asking the audience to give their biggest voice and followed with Seize the day!!, a colorful song. All the crowd rise their first. The whole audience followed Hinako’s instructions, while singing the way she shows them with all their heart.
After a huge acclamation, each member reach the hand of the one near them, and as all the fans there, they execute a beautiful final jump...
But, the audience couldn’t take it, and asked for another encore with so much energy than the members finally appeared a last time on stage wearing white t shirt and black shortpants, and took the time to say some words to the fans.

Nao thanks the audience to come here and said that she is full of happiness before announcing a new cd for 2017 spring.
Kaede: «This is the first time as a band that I had the opportunity to do a tour of 10 live. Each live was different but in a good way, so I wanted to thank you for everything.
YunaI was so moved that we managed to have so many hackers and reunited so many of you here. As passcode I am very happy that we stood here on Shinkiba studio coast stage.
Hinako:" thanks for coming to our live final today!! I was thinking that doing 10 place was a huge thing and start in the big live house Zepp diver city so I was a bit worried but at the end I think we did a good live each time and talking with the members now we noticed when we make progress and such so please continue to support passcode!
Nao: I didn't imagine that we would perform à one-man live in such big live house as the Studio coast even in my dreams. PassCode is a group where each member is indispensable in my opinion. We will do our best to go on and evolve from now so continue to support us! Everything is thank to our staff, management and of course each of all our fan. Thank you so much!

After such touching words, the very energetic girls ended the show with “Link” and ended the show in a dynamic touch.

■「PassCode MISS UNLIMITED Tour 2016 2016年12月28日」SETLIST
M-2 Toxic
M-3 Nextage
M-4 激動プログレッシブ
M-5 Cry Out
M-7 Axis
M-8 Club Kids Never Die
M-10 ドリームメーカー
M-11 オレンジ
〜Band Session〜
M-12 Never SleepAgain
M-13 Kissの花束
M-14 Now I Know
M-15 アスタリスク
M-17 from here
En-2 Seize the day!!
----2nd ENCORE----
WEn-1 Link

photographer: 3104imamura.
Author: Seka
last update: 2017-01-18