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the GazettE - DOGMATIC -Another Fate- at Shinkiba Studio Coast- day 1
Date: 2016.08.17
Artist:   GazettE (the)  
Date of Concert: 2016.08.01
On August 1st, after a two-part Japan tour and a world tour, the GazettE held the first part of the 2-day semi-final of their nationwide standing tour DOGMATIC -Another Fate- at Shinkiba Studio Coast, gradually bringing the long DOGMA era to an end before the DOGMA GRAND FINALE that will be held on September 27th at Makuhari Messe.

On this burning hot summer day, the fans seemed to already be boiling with tension shortly after gathering inside the venue, pressing themselves against the stage or shifting to find the best spot, eagerly waiting for the live to start. After a quick reminder of the basic rules to follow for a safe and enjoyable standing live, the lights shut down, and raging screams exuded from the audience. Fans clapping hands to NIHIL welcomed KAI, REITA , URUHA and AOI who appeared on stage through the smoke, before the music faded out and the lights turned blue as RUKI slowly walked to his spot, cheered on by the crowd. DOGMA immediately started, and the five members wearing the outfits of the recently released UNDYING single plunged the crowd into their mystical atmosphere. Leaning back and forth and headbanging, the fans followed the rhythm of the iconic song of this era, RUKI's growls quickly warming them up to make this night violent and unforgettable. The gloomy ambiance was brought to its highest point with the backing vocals and the audience waving their hands while both guitarists seemed absorbed, AOI gracefully raising his hand in the air at the end of the song.
RAGE's start announced more brutality, and the singer commanded headbanging along the violent guitar riffs. REITA came to the center box, gesturing to the audience. Red laser lights shook in the back of the stage as RUKI screamed «COME ON» before spinning around, and the raging drums of an unleashed KAI looking up and yelling brought the headbanging to a peak. The final «All saints shall die» and last notes of the song lingering for a while brought a brief quiet to the audience, patiently waiting for the following song. As soon as the first sound effects started, thrilled screams filled the venue, welcoming GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS. RUKI ran to join URUHA on his spot while REITA shortly took his place. The drawling pre-chorus made the crowd lean back and forth, before wildly dancing during the chorus and singing along with RUKI during the «daraku shite yuku» line and jumping everytime he screamed the iconic «GALLOWS» . URUHA cheered on the fans and they danced once again, making the venue shake under their energy.

RUKI warmed up the crowd again after a short break. The band then started VORTEX, bringing the band and its fans to headbang together. The members moved around, exchanging spots for a while, and an altered voice line announced the dancing chorus of this song, unleashing screams and jumps in the whole venue. The crowd became one once again, joining the GazettE in their crazy dance.
Lights turned blue, and raging riffs started CLEVER MONKEY, as RUKI lasciviously moved on his platform. The song alternated brutality and melodious parts, embellished by a melancholic solo, bringing us through various emotions. The signature hand clapping started at the beginning of VENOMOUS SPIDERS WEB, cheered on by AOI and URUHA . The crowd handbanged again, supported by REITA 's screams.
Music stopped, and red lights waved like pendulums on the back of the stage, bringing quiet in the entire hall. CHIZURU began, a song that has been rarely played of late, and a wave of happiness rippled through the crowd. Everybody listened in silence to RUKI 's melancholic lines, and AOI headbanged violently during the pre-chorus. KAI seemed absorbed, drowning in the ambient sadness, as RUKI let out drawling screams, falling on his knees at the end of the ballad, repeating again and again the last «futari» in a low voice.
OMINOUS intro echoed in the Shinkiba Studio Coast, maintaining the atmosphere CHIZURU brought, the singer slowly moved while whispering the first lines, and the song became increasingly intense. A few fans headbanged during the «TRUE DREAD» break, then the ballad dove back into pure sorrow. As soon as KAI 's drum hit started the most powerful part of the song, the lights were suddenly turned on again, making the huge mirror ball hanging on the ceiling illuminate the whole venue. Emotion escalated until RUKI 's painful yell brought OMINOUS to an end, closing the ballad part of the live.

A quick break let everybody get back to reality, followed by THE SUICIDE CIRCUS and its screams and choreographies, all the members headbanging along with the fans. Lights faded out, before the hall was fully lightened up again for a quick talk. RUKI explained the importance of following rules and having good manners during lives and expressed his will to do more standing lives since they allow the band to be closer to their fans.
The show started again with INCUBUS, and the crowd yelled along with the «UN, DEUX, TROIS» line, cheered on by a smiling AOI , danced during the choruses, and violently headbanged during the harder parts of the song, as REITA commanded before spinning around. The audience's enthusiasm didn't fade during LUCY, dancing and jumping along its rousing rythm. KAI 's drum started UGLY, and RUKI ordered everybody to scream and put their fists in the air. The crowd became one and furiously headbanged and leaned back and forth, stopping only briefly during the melodious choruses, motivated by all the members coming to the front of the stage. The vocalist announced Kuroku Sunda Sora to Zangai no Katahane, keeping the enthusiasm going from the previous songs.
ATTITUDE intro started and the fans shouted along with RUKI 's «UNTIL DIE» and «BREAK», before the energy exuding from the crowd during the merciless guitar riffs made the venue shake again. BLEMISH began with RUKI screaming «KILL MY PAST» and everybody raged one last time together to this heavy song with an unfading dynamism. UNDYING, the title track of their April 27th released single, brought the main set to an end, gently calming down the crowd alternating between hard riffs and a chorus filled with emotion. Lights faded out and the music continued for a short moment while the members left the stage.

Fans screaming requests for an encore were granted after a quick break when REITA , URUHA , AOI and KAI came back on stage, the drummer thrilling the audience with his traditional encore talk. RUKI appeared dancing supported by clapping hands as the rousing INSIDE BEAST began, and the members started moving and switching places more often, smiling and jumping around, AOI swinging his hips while playing. VERMIN and its fast-paced rhythm didn't give the crowd any time to rest as it brought more choreographies, screams and jumps, led by a relentless quintet.
Letting the audience breathe for a few minutes, the singer brought up the length of the quite well supported DOGMA era. He explained that the band was quite satisfied they could get the most out of it this time, instead of only getting a short tour out of an album that takes roughly one year to make.

The show went on with brutal guitar riffs as LEECH began, and KAI seemed ecstatic behind his drums as the Studio Coast atmosphere became burning hot again. The last fury was brought by HEADACHE MAN, the venue trembling under raging mosh pits of the audience giving its last forces along with RUKI 's drawling voice. The singer announced the last song and shouted in turns with the fans to warm them up one last time for this part of the set, and the hall bursted out in headbangs after the guitars started TOMORROW NEVER DIES. The audience transformed into a huge mosh pit again during the chorus, fans sharing the moment all together in front of a pleased band. During the quick moment of silence, RUKI was joined by URUHA on his platform. The singer jokingly pushed him when he leaned closer to him, and thanked and motivated the crowd before starting the song again, cheerfully singing supported by the guitarist. Last jumps during the solo, moshes and crowd divings went with the end of the encore, and in this joyful atmosphere, the quintet greeted an awesomely supportive audience, and left the stage again.

In spite of the lights turned back on, the restless fans requested for a second encore, patiently waiting until the five musicians came back and announced LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~. Clapping hands along the rhythm preceeded new mosh pits and the crowd divings became unstoppable in front of the amused members who didn't stop jumping around and dancing all together. AOI 's guitar solo thrilled his fans and was followed by the last raging part, people leaning back and forth while shouting. The song ended as it started with the iconic clapping hands, REITA falling on his knees and KAI 's drum line gently slowing before stopping. the GazettE members thanked the crowd once again, threw a few picks, drumsticks and bottles, and left the stage for the last time that night.

the GazettE's standing tour DOGMATIC -Another Fate- semi-final first day at Shinkiba Studio Coast showed us a last remarkable side of the DOGMA era which in spite of its length was in no way redundant. The band is still very close to its incredibly supportive audience and seemed thrilled to play in such an atmosphere, and although their seated lives are no less enjoyable, watching the quintet overjoyed to perform standing lives after a long while since 2014 fanclub limited Redefinition tours was quite satisfying. This was a well performed show that leaves us eagerly waiting for the band's DOGMA GRAND FINALE and following activities.


2 – RAGE
7 – Chizuru
11 – LUCY
12 – UGLY
13 – Kuroku Sunda Sora to Zangai no Katahane


EN6 – LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~
Author: Coline
last update: 2016-09-12