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Date: 2012.02.11
Artist:   L'Arc~en~Ciel   girugamesh   MUCC   SID   BUG   TETSUYA   44MAGNUM   BeefSpree  
Date of Concert: 2011.12.27
Image © 2011 Hideaki Imamoto, Kazuko Tanaka , Aki Ishi
JACK IN THE BOX hosted a performance at Budokan on the 27th of December, 2011. Popular visual kei bands like MUCC, girugamesh, and SID as well as the famous L'Arc~en~Ciel are just a few of JACK IN THE BOX’s stock of talented performers.

On the website of this live event, it was stated that either MUCC or SID would perform first, but no other details were given about the rest of the line-up. The first band to appear ended up being MUCC, and by the screams that filled the venue, the crowd was perfectly pleased with this. The first song was "Rojiura Boku to Kimi E", during which the vocalist, Tatsuro, exuded charisma and confidence that pumped the crowd up for the songs to come -"Ranchu", then "Ageha". In MUCC’s typical mode, these songs were heavy, wild, fun, but not lacking in a defined melody. The fans and the band were perfectly united; the fans love them and the band loves their fans - this is MUCC.

"Falling down" and "saishuu ressha (the last train)" came next, and afterward, Tatsuro engaged the crowd. "Welcome to Jack. Are you having fun? MUCC was the first to play, and today, we are going to have as much fun as we can. Some people may say, ‘Who's MUCC? Show girugamesh!’” After some laughter, they played "horizont", "arcadia", and then "namo naki uta (a song without a name)". The last song of the set was "nirvana", which will be released in March. MUCC exited, setting a perfect mood for the bands to come.

Setlist - MUCC:
01: Rojiura Boku to Kimi E
02: Ranchu
03: Ageha
04: Falling down
05: Fuzz
06: saishuu ressha
07: horizont
08: arcadia
09: namo naki uta
10: nirvana

Before the members appeared, there was a message projected onscreen: “Challenge condition from girugamesh”, and to follow the setlist, the screens went black and one by one girugamesh’s
members appeared on stage and the crowd gave them a warm welcome. The new tunes were a mix of hard rock and rap. Recently, it has been getting harder and harder to define girugamesh’s style -they have changed a lot in the last few years, mixing industrial metal, dance music and pop-rock.

As always, girugamesh had great energy and put on a powerful performance. Before they started the last song, Satoshi took off his jacket and talked to the crowd. “During the last JACK IN THE BOX SUMMER, a open recording was done with everybody, (referring to when they mentioned Tasturo’s birthday during their performance that day) because we would like use the chorus, let’s please practice together this chorus : “Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-TSUROU” The hall laughed out loud and followed Satoshi’s directions, singing the chorus. He was satisfied with the crowd’s enthusiasm and the band finished off the last song, all gathering around Яyo's drum set at the very end. girugamesh finally thanked the fans and left the stage.

Setlist - girugamesh
01: new tune
02: new tune
03: new tune
04: new tune

Next performers was BUG. As the members of BUG entered, the lights flushed red, accompanied by a message on screen and a matching audio loop -“WE ARE BUG!”. With kyo in the center of the stage, they opened their section with NEW WORLD. The electronic rhythm started and crowd clapped along as the steady riffs were broken by Asaki's guitar solo. Singing in a powerful vibrato, kyo walked along the cat-walk, capturing the audience’s attention with his elegant, fascinating movements.
The lights turned blue to accompany Gothic Romance as constant drumming, speedy guitar riffs, and kyo’s aggressive voice gave the atmosphere a harder touch. With a short MC, kyo cheered the crowd on and set the tone for the next song, bugnoid. Asaki ran to the right side of the catwalk and took position on the balcony, close to the fans, while kyo and TAKASHI kept their spots at the center of the stage.
kyo announced last song, Promise. “Enjoy it to the end“, he said, and Promise started. With a last thank you, BUG closed their show and the lights turned off again.

Setlist - BUG
02: Gothic Romance
03: bugnoid

BeefsSpree is a new band formed through auditions held by MAVERICK DC GROUP at the "JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER" event. The band is composed of five members: Vocal: Hiro, Guitars: Syunji and Teruya, Bass: Kota and Drums: Yuuki. BeefsSpree’s members entered wearing black suits and opened their section with a personal style very difference from the other bands - they grabbed their instruments and, one by one, gave a short solo. The first one to start was Yuuki, followed by the guitar solos, then Kota’s bass solo and then they reunited to play Placebo. The audience didn’t respond much, perhaps because BeefsSpree is so new, but they seemed to enjoy the performance and danced a little.

BeefsSpree’s set list was short - only 3 songs - but they showed talent. After the band left the stage, their news was projected on the lateral screens: their first ONEMAN live is to come on the 13th of February.

Setlist - BeefSpree
01: Placebo
02: nozomi
03: farewell

The moment everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. The crowd was ready for the first surprise of the day, and the venue went silent in wait for the names to be announced. The name of the formation was announced: DIE IN CRIES was formed by Satoshi from girugamesh on vocal, Nii from girugamesh on guitar, TAKASHI from BUG on bass and Яyo from girugamesh on drums. The lights turned back on, revealing the formation already on stage, and the cover of Weeping Song started. On the two screens, old footage of DIE IN CRIES in the 1991-1995 live was projected, mixed with footage of the current performance. The band did a great job and as the song ended, they exchanged handshakes with TAKASHI and left the stage.

MDC History Session#1
Set list Session A
01: Weeping song

The lights turned off again after staff set the stage up and the audience waited for the lineup to be announced. The word Session B appeared, followed by the name REACTION. The new formation was composed by kyo from BUG on vocals, Nii from girugamesh on guitar and Яyo on drums, and Yuki, one of the original members of REACTION, on bass. Yuki was welcomed with loud screams. kyo announced JOY RIDE and the fast riffs started. kyo moved along the catwalk while Nii and Yuki took position at the center of the stage. Old footage of REACTION from 1983-1989 was projected onscreen while they played.

During Nii’s solo, kyo cheered the crowd from the catwalk and finished the concert up with a scream. This section did a great job - the crowd was extremely enthusiastic and couldn’t take their eyes off the stage. Before he left, kyo took off his shirt and one by one the members exited, followed by momentous applause.

Setlist Session B

The stage darkened again and the atmosphere completely changed. A drum solo heralded the announcement of the new session as the name D'ERLANGER appeared. The crowd was totally agitated, waiting to find out who was the members of the new session, but this time no names were announced - the lights turned on, revealing the formation already onstage. Miya from MUCC was on guitar and TAKASHI from BUG was on bass, while the drum set was darkened and out of view. The last one to enter was Tatsuro from MUCC, welcomed with a unified scream from the audience. The first cover was LA VIE EN ROSE, and the biggest surprise of all arrived when lights fell on the drum set and fans saw yukihiro from L'Arc~ en~ Ciel sitting, ready to play-- the crowd went completely insane.

Before the beginning of LULLABY, images of yukihiro smiling were projected onto the screens and excited screams resounded from fans all over the venue. The excitement of the crowd was palpable. The group started Lullaby as footage of Kyo from D'ERLANGER appeared, and the way Tatsuro’s voice and gestures matched the images was impressive and moving. With Tatsuro, Miya and TAKASHI gathered around the drum set, they closed with a last crashing solo. They said goodbye to the crowd and left the stage.

Set list session C

After the Special Session, 44magnum appeared on stage. They played "SOULS", " I JUST CAN’T TAKE ANYOMORE ", and " STREET ROCK’N ROLLER", as Paul and Stevie thrilled the crowd with their harmonies. "This is a personal report. this will be the last stage for me at big places like this. I'd like to concentrate on medical treatment. I might be able to perform at small places. As for 44magnum, I'll leave it to Stevie.", announced Paul, which came as a huge surprise to the audience. After their lineup announcement, they performed " IN THE END " - this time, Stevie mostly took the vocals. As they finished their set, Paul announced, "If there was no Jack in the Box, we might not have met you. Thank you Jack!" This message was well-received and their last song was one of their hits, "SATISFACTION".

Setlist - 44magum :

The next performer was TETSUYA, dressed in colorful clothes and matched by colorful lights to compliment his poppy sound. The first song was "EDEN ", the next one “TIGHTROPE“, and then "mahou no kotoba", "lonely girl", and "Roulette", during which both performer and audience waved their towels. During the last song, "Are you ready to ride?", golden strands fell from above and covered the venue brilliantly.

Setlist - TESTUYA :
01: EDEN
03: mahou no kotoba
04: lonely girl
05: Roulette
06: Are you ready to ride?

SID started their setlist with the ballad Shougen, which began with a gentle Spanish guitar and all members standing in full view. The next song was Dear Tokyo, during which , aki and yuya sang parts of the chorus, and Mao cheered for the fans who clapped their hands on beat and invited them to sing the chorus for him. The lights turned on and Mao greeted the audience with an MC- “Hello, how are you doing? Second floor, how are you doing? Did you wait long? This is the last performance of this year so please enjoy it until the end!”. The lights turned red and blue as the song Wife started.

Before he finished the song, Mao left the stage and went behind the curtain where was assisted by the staff. During his absence the other member kept playing to entertain the crowd. Shinji played some blues in order to take time, and in the same moment Mao returned on stage. He apologized for the trouble, and the show kept going with song Higasa - soft lights brightened the stage and the audience went silent.

Itsuka came next and received loud applause when the song finished. Mao announced the next song, Fuyu no bench, a new single. “It is the kind of tune that warms your body from the inside, so we will sing it here, at Budokan, please listen”, he said, and they started the heartwarming ballad.

's compositions are very heartwarming; he seems to know that their fans want some romantic songs, especially in winter season. They received a lot of applause and cheers, and Mao joked with the crowd. The songs were Utahime, one way, and Sympathy, which changed the atmosphere of the venue into one of a wild party. Silver streamers were shot out over the crowd, the entire audience was jumping, hands in the air while all members walked the catwalk and interacted with the fans. Mao screamed, “Can you do more?!” and the hard rock rhythm of memai started, accompanied by flames and smoke onstage.

With a last MC, Mao thanked the crowd, because despite the length of the day, they cheered with them until the very end. He announced the last song 2-gatsu, marked by Mao’s strong voice and aki’s dedicated playing. They thanked the crowd and left the stage. SID and MUCC did the longest play lists of the night and both bands put on great performances that showed their abilities and confidence on stage.

Setlist - SID
01: Shougen
02: Dear Tokyo
03: Wife
04: Higasa
05: Itsuka
06: Fuyu no bench
07: Utahime
08: one way
09: Sympathy
10: memai
11: 2-gatsu

After SID's performance, the venue started to play the interlude of Revelation by L'Arc~en~Ciel as the screen showed the members. The next song was Flower. When ken appeared onscreen, the venue was filled with the cheers of the fans. ken appeared as the harmonica player. After he finished playing, he walked to the edge of the stage and teased the fans as Mao sang. Afterwards, the screen revealed the members for the next session. The last member to appear was hyde, and in the very moment the audience exploded into cheers and screams. hyde came onstage and sang Rain leaves a scar. After finishing the song, he joked, "Ah, this is not L'arc! (looking back, as if he did not notice). I felt like singing an old song. So I did. There is another song I want to sing... can, can, can I, can I sing? can I sing?! Budokan!" After riling the crowd up, he performed Inner core.

After a short interval, they showed the movie that summarized the 10 years history of Jack in the Box. Everyone was singing together. Beefspree played the prelude of READY STEADY GO , then MUCC and SID's members appeared on stage and Mao asked the crowd for permission to call hyde out. hyde appeared, heralded by pyrotechnics onstage that lit up the venue as MUCC, SID, and hyde threw superballs to the audience. When the stage was full of members, the concert came to a close as confetti rained down.

History Session #2
Session D:
1: REVELATION / L'Arc~en~Ciel

Session E:
1: flower / L'Arc~en~Ciel

Session F:
1: The Rain Leaves a Scar / L'Arc~en~Ciel
2: Inner Core / L'Arc~en~Ciel

Final song: Anarchy / Sex Pistols.

The concert lasted 7 hours and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the festival-like event.

Photographers: Hideaki Imamoto, Kazuko Tanaka , Aki Ishi
Author: Jenny Micalizzi and Makoto
last update: 2013-11-09