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Fan-interview with T.M.Revolution
Date: 2011.10.12
Artist:   T.M.Revolution  
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Takanori Nishikawa (a.k.a. T.M. Revolution), is familiar to many J-Music fans. Starting in 1996 as T.M. Revolution, he made it to the top quickly, selling more than 2 million copies of his third album "Tripple Joker“. Various singles were chosen for popular anime series like "Gundam“, and Takanori Nishikawa even became the host of his own radio show. In 2006, he founded the band "Abingdon Boys School“ which became very popular in short time as well. On top of this Takanori Nishikawa made his debut as an actor in 2007, before he concentrated on his solo-career as T.M. Revolution once again.

Since 1st of June 2011, his album "CLOUD NINE“ is available digital all over Europe. In order to promote it, we asked him a fan-interview. Even though he has a busy schedule he kindly accepted and he spare some time to answer to some of our readers questions. Read on to see if your question was chosen to be answered!

Nippon Project: First of all, we would like to thank you very much for this interview. We usually ask artists to introduce themselves , but you are really famous, so could you tell us something about yourself that fans would not guess?
I have a pet that is 4 years old now. I think it is about time I find her a husband. I'd like her to have babies, but her breed is originally small figured. so I'm looking for one as the same size as her or little smaller ikemen(good looking guy). My concern is that if there exists one that can make me nod.

Since June 1st, 2011, your album “CLOUD NINE“ is available digitally all over Europe. What's new about it compared to your others album ? Could you tell us some words about it ?

"Cloud Nine" has meaning in that it's an album released after 6 years since the last one, as T. M. Revolution. during this long interval, I worked in a band, movie or tv drama, had experience on stage, there were a lot I could absorb aside from music work. So, as T. M . Revolution, I wanted to make an album that is "T. M. Revolution-ish" .  so, apart from new experience, I put value on making the listeners be stable to the fact that it's T. M. Revolution that they love.

On June, your new single "Flags” was released in Japan. What is the story told in it? 

"Flags" symbolizes the pride everyone has in their heart or strong power, not the power to fight for something, or power that attacks people, but to fight to protect some people or something they cherish. It's a song about the strength of human.
Days ago we asked our readers to send us their questions for you. We received a lot from people all around the world. Did you know you have so many fans around the world?

I started twitter last year, and fans in foreign countries gave me replies through twitter. I tweet back when the sun rises in Japan time. It makes me happy to hear that people in foreign countries cheer for me though I'm in Japan, and I'd like to make time to meet them in person in the future.

Maya [Austria]: Many of your songs were used as Anime Themes. What is your favorite anime and why?

All the works I personally did are important to me, but Mobile Suit Gundam seed and Sengoku Basara (Samurai kings), they have been working with me for a long time so I have strong attachment to them. To my surprise, among the anime works I worked with, the one that's most viewed on youtube is the theme song for "Soul Eater", "Resonance" .

Cody [USA]: What was your favorite PV to make?

I like music video for "Flags" a lot. It's a combination of good essences of good old fashioned "T. M. Revolution" and new "T. M. Revolution".

Adriana [Switzerland]: Because I love your music, I would like to know where you find your inspiration, what are your influences ? Have you got any other band of music that you especially like and that inspire you ? Did you search ideas in traditional music of any country ?

I listened to songs from billboard, so I'm influenced from many singers. At first I liked hard rock and heavy metal, so I listened to songs like those. lately, aside from rock music, I listen to R&B and soul. if you see my Ipod, you may find songs you don't expect to see.

Costanza [Chile]: Takanori san at this point of your life, do you feel like you have achieve all your dreams? Is there a dream you still haven't fulfilled?
I'd like to do a world tour. I want to fulfill it, and I think I must.

Stephany [USA]: Where do you see yourself being in 10 years?

As the same as now, I hope I'm a singer. and from 3 years ago, I organize "Inazuma rock fest" in my home town, and I hope this lasts 10 years later from now.

Adam [Poland]: In a past interview with Nippon Project you talked about culture shock when you were touring to Europe. You had also been in the USA, did you experience culture shock there? If yes, which one?

It was Baltimore in America that I did my first concert abroad. My culture shock was that there are so many people in America that knows about me. It was unbelievable and a pleasant shock.

Daniel [Israel] : Could you tell us something about your TV/Radio host experience?

Radio and being on tv are different from music, but in my mind it's the same for the fact that I express things to people. so, aside from work as an artist, I act, voice act, and as works that "I use my voice" , I get on radio and get on tv. It's not something very special.

Brittany F. [USA] :From your Twitter photos, you seem to have a large assortment of clothing of different styles and quite a wide fashion range. What's your favorite outfit coordination to wear on a casual day off?

I have somewhat a theme depends on the day, and I wear things that matches it. like if I'm going to a formal place, I'll dress formally. I like things that have one assertive point. I'd like to dress unique and dress in my one and only style in daily clothes. what I like for a while now is that the kind of fashion a traditional item like Napoleon Jacket is combined with casual items together. For example, a brand like Balmain is my favorite. 

And finally, do you have a message for your fans that will be reading this interview? 

Thank you for cheering for me always. Until now I thought I was connected to people through the internet, I'd like to come see you hopefully now, so expect it and wait, please.

Since June 1st 2011 his album „CLOUD NINE“ is available digital all over Europe, bringing a magnificent mixture of Rock and Electro to the western audience

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Nippon Project would like to thank T.M.Revolution and Epic Records Japan for making this interview possible. We also would like to thank Jotoro Tojo for the translation and all the readers that sent us their questions, there were a lot and unfortunately we could not use all of them.
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