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Yuya Matsushita Live at Fanimecon 2011
Date: 2011.06.09
Artist:   Matsushita Yuya  
Date of Concert: 2011.05.28
Image © 2011 Syreeta Turner
Japanese Michael Jackson. What? Doesn't that say enough for you? Fine, I'll elaborate.

The lines were long and the San Jose Convention Center was packed awaiting the famous R&B singer, Yuya Matsushita, to charm the stage with his classy dance moves and overall stylish performance. As people began to pile in, I could literally hear and feel the floor rumbling as the staff tried to keep people from running, pushing and shoving, trying to find a seat as close to the stage as humanly possible. Calm down, guys! It's only a performance by one of Japan's finest singers who happens to be an unbelievably talented dancer! ....Oh, I suppose I actually do understand why everyone was so ferocious making their way in. As the audience grows impatient, they scream and cheer for every person making the stage look all nice and spiffy before the show begins. Suddenly, it is time.... the lights get dimmer and we all can sense that Yuya is ready to hit the stage and dazzle us all!

Yuya enters wearing a full suit. I said he was classy, didn't I? Two dancers follow behind, and I prepare myself for what's to come. Honestly, at the beginning, I didn't know what to expect. I imagined this performance would either be incredible or horrible, no middle ground. Luckily, it didn't take too long into the first song to understand that I was in for a treat. The intensity these guys performed every move with was flawless. "YOU" was a perfect intro song to get everyone ready for the night, but by the time the second song, "Paradise" started, I noticed I could already see the dancers sweating! I wished I could break a sweat so quickly. Obviously, though, Yuya and the two dancers become more seductive to perform, "I'm Sexy (Evo)." I noticed that Yuya's voice was always on pitch and sounded remarkable, no matter how he was moving. Yuya announces that he's happy to be in the U.S. before performing "foolish foolish." I had already recognized his inspiration from Michael Jackson, watching him dance. It was obvious that he looked up to Michael Jackson a lot already, but that just wasn't enough. Of course not. He had to go there... and show us his Moonwalk. It was magnificent, to say the least. The entire crowd screamed and cheered loudly, because everyone knew where he got that one from, and it was perfect.

We all took a moment to listen to the man on stage talk to us about how he was honored to be performing at his first anime con. With delight, he claimed to have seen very many interesting cosplays. On top of that, Yuya Matsushita has a history of working on the hit anime series, "Black Butler" and he noticed a lot of people cosplaying characters from the series particularly. Speaking of which, the next two songs pertain to the series! "Hallucination" appears in the musical rendition, while "Bird" appears as an ending theme within the anime itself. Both songs are beautiful ballads, and I think this was a special moment for "Black Butler" fans while the anime was being played on the giant televisions above the audience. It was bliss throughout the audience as Yuya had a chance to let his vocal talents shine in these lovely melodic ballads.

It's time for a Japanese lesson! This is the perfect way to pick everyone back up after warming our hearts with those ballads, right? Sebastian Michaelis is Yuya's role in the musical version of "Black Butler." His character has a popular catchphrase that Yuya decides to teach everyone in the audience. Except really big fans of the series, they already knew... Anyway, he starts by asking us if we can say this phrase in Japanese, "Watashi wa akuma de shitsuji desu kara!" We say it with him twice and he proceeds to tell us what it translates to, "I am one hell of a butler!" He didn't just say it though, he acted it out the way he would in the series, which left the crowd roaring! The dancers had left the stage and it is time for them to return for the next song "Trust Me" (which appears on the anime Durarara!!) and this song leads us back into the fast paced dance party we entered with Yuya. This was a really fantastic song to see performed live. The rap breakdown in the middle was so solid and precise, and it was nice to be reminded (after a ballad break) how elegant and fluid the choreography is. He closes the night with "Secret Love" and "Honesty" while the fans clap with him.

It's never over when you think it is, though. No matter how agonizingly horrible or downright amazing the show is, there's always an encore. Wipe away those tears, Yuya's back with one more song for the night! However, this encore proved that technical difficulties can be hilarious. The music for another song started to play, but it's okay, because Yuya knows how to handle these kinds of situations. He's got this. He got the audience to scream out "YUYA!" as he shouted back "MATSUSHITA!" to them, and kept everyone energized until the problem was quickly solved! Encores are also very special. "Naturally" was visually captivating. Three chairs were set up on the side of the stage and everyone came back out with fedoras. This started off as an exciting chair dance, and they used their hats as props, which made the show more interesting. He took a photo with his adoring audience and the show was over. Yuya, with the help of his backup dancers, put on a brilliant performance for Fanimecon 2011!

Set List:
I'm Sexy (Evo)
foolish foolish
Back to Love
Trust Me
Secret Love
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