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Interview with ViViD - 2010.07.06
Date: 2010.08.17
Artist:   ViViD  
Image © Laura Bottin
Japan Expo, Sunday 3rd July 2010. ViViD has already given a showcase the day before, and the group was giving one again the same evening. We had the opportunity to interview them despite their schedule. The atmosphere, somewhat tense, soon gave way over the laughter of our questions. Report of the discussion…

Mello: Tonight, you play again before the French audience. How do you feel?

Ryouga: It was well rehearsed this morning, so we are ready to do a better concert than yesterday. We feel like a million bucks!

Mello: You gave a press conference last evening. At the end of the conference, some fans gave you gifts. Were you surprised to receive these presents?
Ryouga: We didn’t expect to receive a gift at all; it was a great surprise. There were drawings, portraits of each member. It was very different from the Japanese gifts; it was very original and refreshing. We were very happy.

Mello: Your new single, PRECIOUS, comes out July 7. How will the preparation unfold?
I.V.: It was prepared for a month – we began in early June. First the music, the composition, then the video clip and the promotion at the same time.

Mello: In the group, who writes and composes the songs?
Shin: Everyone contributes. Each member creates a base, a demo. Then at the recording studio, we get together to improve the pieces made by each member. So everyone has a little bit: we do everything, and we work together to finalize the composition.

Mello: Why a head of a lion for the jacket of your album?
Ryouga: We wanted something that had a meaning for us. It was Ko-ki’s idea. He really likes the lion as an animal. It is the king of all animals, so it represents strength and power. It is what we search for the group’s image.

Mello: Who are some of your musical influences?
Reno: I am influenced by rock musicians, by guitarists such as Gerry Moore and Eric Clapton.

Mello: How did you come to sign with PS Company?
I.V.: Initially, I knew Ko-ki. So we had decided to make music together as a group. We met with representatives from PS Company, and it went well. And so we talked about our project to make a group; these people have found the other three members of our group. That’s how we entered PSC.

Mello: Before you became artists, were you a fan of a band, and did you often go to concerts?

[Everyone turns to Shin and burst out laughing.]

Shin: (smiling and embarrassed) I was a fan of the GazettE and I often went to their concerts. And the other members are also fan of other musicians.

Mello: So you must be proud to be in the same label as them?
Shin: (hiding his face with his hands) I am full of admiration and respect for the musicians who we’re in the same label with.

Mello: What do you like to do outside of your work hours?
Ryouga: My main activity is music. Same when I am by myself, I play the guitar. But if I had to choose something, I would say that I would find some time to drink alcohol, sake…
Reno: Really? (laughs)
Ryouga: And also, I love French bread. I absolutely love it.

Mello: Ko-ki, you’re learning French; it isn’t too difficult, is it?
Ko-ki: Yes, the language is difficult, but (in French) I really like France. So, that gives me motivation and I try to do my best to learn the French language.

Laura: To motivate you a bit more, know that we also struggle with the French language!
All: (laughs)

Mello: And will the other members be motivated to try to learn French?
Reno: Bonjour. Ça va? - Hello. How are you?
I.V.: Merci. - Thank you.

[ Translator: A few words, but anyway… But it will come. ]

Mello: What are your future projects?
Shin: Soon, there will be a release of the single, PRECIOUS, like we said, on July 7th. For touring, an oneman is planned at Shibuya AX on August 8th. We hope that the French fans can come to see this, even in Tokyo.

Mello: If there wasn’t any plane tickets to pay for, we would gladly come to see.
All: (laughs)

[ Translator: It would be practical! ]

Mello: Do you plan to do a European or French tour?
I.V., Shin, Ryouga: Yes, it would be with pleasure; we would come with pleasure, but it depends on the requests of the French fans.

Mello and Laura: The French fans would do anything for your return, believe us.
Shin: (laughs) Each member personally hopes to return to France, without a problem.

Laura: We think that there must be a lot of people because of your showcase yesterday; people would wait in the morning to see you. And there will be many people now who would sleep in front of the halls to meet with their favorite members first.

[ViViD laughs, seeming surprised but happy.]

Mello: And finally, a little message for the French fans please?
Shin: France is a very beautiful country. I hope that the French fans always give their support, their encouragement. I thank the French fans.
Ryouga: French bread is so good. (laughs) Yes, it’s true; there is a distance, geographically speaking… But there isn’t a boundary in music. I felt that with the French public. I appreciate the support of the French fans, and I hope it continues like this.
I.V.: The city of Paris is truly very beautiful, and we ate well there – the food is good! – so I am very happy. I would like to return as soon as possible to France.
Ko-ki: This is the first time that I went outside of Japan; this is, therefore, my first experience abroad. It is luck that it was France, but I am truly very happy for this opportunity, and I want to return.
Reno: The concert went very well here in France with the fans. I wasn’t expecting that. It was a very beautiful experience. I hope that we can have some fans a little different, some fans overseas, and continue to have the support of French fans and that of those from other countries. A big thanks to French fans!

We would like to thank Naoki Sekine and ViViD for granting us this interview.

We would also like to thank Shigeyasu Sean KITA for the translation.
Author: kyanMello Translation: NIL
last update: 2010-11-28