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FLOW at Fanime
Date: 2010.05.28
Artist:   FLOW  
Image © Syreeta Turner
Several hundred Otaku from Fanime Con filed in through the venue doors in an unusually subdued fashion and went to their seats, the theater filling with the sound of restless chatter and cheers at the site of the stage, equipment, and two large screens featuring the members of FLOW.

After two hours of waiting for the seats to fill, the lights began to dim and the members of one of the most popular Japanese groups within the U.S., rushed in to view.

The first song, Re:member (Naruto's 8th Opening theme), set the tone for the hours to come as KEIGO (Vo.) worked the stage, his abundance of energy reflecting off of those in the crowd. Unfortunately, it took until about a song and a half later, during ブラスター Blaster, before KOHSHI (Vo/Gu.), TAKE (Gu.), GOT'S (Ba.), and IWASAKI (Dr.) worked their way in to the same mind set and began interacting more with not only each other, but the fans as well.

As the concert progressed through Days, Colors, and Calling, an obvious bond began to form, the crowd swaying along to the beat and singing along to the memorable and touching lyrics. However, Answer gave the most emotional impact as FLOW led the theater to join them in on a chorus of a line from the song, "Focus on a naked blaze."

From there on out, it was all downhill. To keep the adrenaline going, FLOW, did one thing that no one expected. A cover of Surfin' USA, in which the group instructed the entire theater to do the wave.
No one who attended the performance will easily forget the hilarity that ensued as it took a few mock attempts before the crowd was coordinated enough to successfully complete a round. And just when everyone thought the fun was over, TAKE, GOT'S, and IWASAKI rocked out the first few notes of Go!!!.

KEIGO and KOHSHI rushed back and forth across the stage, weaving through the other band members, they all jumping in place or from amps. The fans rioted and screamed out the lyrics, their enthusiasm tripling as they watched the artists having just as much fun, if not more than themselves, as it had been the one song that all had been desperately anticipating since FLOW was announced to be Fanime Con's Friday night act.

And then, as the concert came to a close, FLOW left everyone with Sunshine60 in their hearts.


Summer Freak
Word of the Voice
World End
Surfin' USA
Author: Yuka
last update: 2010-08-24