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Interview with FLOW at FanimeCon
Date: 2010.05.29
Artist:   FLOW  
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On May 29th, we had a chance to sit down with FLOW and talk a little bit about their second appearance and performance in the US at FanimeCon, amongst other things. They are quite funny, to say the least.

Nippon Project: First, let's start by introducing yourselves to our readers.

GOT'S: I am GOT'S. I play the bass.

IWASAKI: I am IWASAKI. I play the drums.

KOHSHI: I am KOHSHI and I am on vocals.

KEIGO: I am KEIGO and I also sing.

TAKE: I am TAKE and I play the guitar.

During the MC at the concert you last night, you mentioned that you had come to the states before. What was your first experience in the US?

KEIGO: Well, it was 4 years ago in Dallas. We went to an anime convention there.

What did you think of your performance here in San Jose? What was your impression of the fans here?

TAKE: All the fans were really excited so we were both surprised and happy that everyone enjoyed it so much.

KOHSHI: It was a very exciting night.

(everyone laughs)

All of the songs performed last night seemed to be very well received. Especially your most recent single, ‘Calling’. Does this song have any special meaning to each of you and what is that meaning?

KOHSHI: It’s to kind of become a voice for people who can express their feeling of hurt or pain. So it’s like being coming the voice of expression for them.

Your new Album ‘Microcosm’ is going to be released June 16th. What are each of your favorite songs from the upcoming album?

TAKE: I like Sign and Calling but FLOW’s albums kind of just flow together so I can’t really just pick one song. I hope fans can enjoy the whole thing.

KOHSHI: It’s kind of like picking a favorite part out of a movie. So, I hope fans can enjoy it like that. Can people here in the US also listen to Microcosm?

Not yet. We have to wait until it comes out.

KOHSHI: Will you be able to listen to it Starting June 16th?


KOHSHI: Will you be able to order it from the internet?

Yes. There are websites where you will be able to buy it online. Like CDjapan.

(manager steps in with a comment)

-It’s not decided yet but, it’s possible that if we get a good response, we may release Microcosm in the States as well. Right now, it’s still up in the air-

KOHSHI: If we get a good response and we release the CD here, we will be invited for more concerts and they would make us really happy.

Are there any plans for a Full North American tour in the near future?

KOHSHI: (english) Yes. I want to.

TAKE: No really relating to what country you are from, it’s just nice to play for whoever is happy to see us. That being said, we would like to play for fans everywhere.

All of you had so much energy and looked so excited during the entire concert last night. How do you prepare yourself or psych yourself up before each show?

KOHSHI: Before tours and concerts I like to go to the gym to condition and exercise. It’s very important to have a lot of energy for the shows.

TAKE: It’s important to always move around a lot, so I went to a marathon in Honolulu, HI.

IWASAKI: While it’s very important to stay in shape so you have the energy. It’s really all the energy from the fans that give us the power to perform.

During your concert last night, as well as many other shows of yours we have watched, there’s a lot of jumping. How do you all of you jump so high and KOHSHI, how do you manage to keep your hat on?

KOHSHI: (English) Oh. That’s just professional

(everyone laughs)

KOHSHI: it’s just instinctive. Natural instinct.

Your PV’s are often sentimental or odd in a very funny way. ‘GO!!!’ in specific. How was the plot decided on and did GOT'S decide to be a naked android or was it a group decision?

GOT'S: It was all the directors.

KOHSHI: GOT'S pissed off the directors.


-There was a bit of bicker amongst the guys. They had all proclaimed GOT'S said he wanted to be naked. Defending himself, he shouted they are all lying!-

IWASAKI: We got to work with our favorite director, Tetsuro Takeuchi, so he got to brainstorm a little bit.

Is it possible that it may happen again in the future? Should we prepare ourselves?

TAKE: The being naked?


(everyone laughs)

All: ohhh….

KOHSHI: Maybe.

(laughing continues)

Are there any other artist you guys would like to tour with in the future?

KOHSHI: Well, in Japan there is Flow the Party, which is an event where other bands and artists can tour and perform with us.

Are there any funny things that happen to you guys while on tour?

KOHSHI: Only interesting things happen.

(laughing starts up again)

For example?

TAKE: Hot water is hot.

But, that’s not interesting.

KOHSHI:(English) That’s right! Exactly.

(more laughing)

KOHSHI: We were eating lunch and we took too long so missed the boat we were supposed to be on. Oh! Once, we were going to see a movie and a very flamboyant gay man came over and petted KEIGO’s hand.

KEIGO: I ran away.


If all of you were a family, Who would play what roles?

KOHSHI: Iwasaki would be the big daddy.


-They began debating whether or not there is a mother-

KOHSHI: IWASAKI is both mother and father. He is a little bit like a mom sometimes, so he’d be both the mother and father. And everybody else are children. He gave birth to us all.

(Everyone starts laughing again)

What would you like fans to take from your music?

KOHSHI: We started out as listeners. We would listen to our favorite bands and we felt the happiness, the sadness and everything our favorite bands were conveying. So, we want to be able to do that for the next generation of musicians and help them experience all these different emotions and make it a kind of endless loop. You know, a cycle of music.

Lastly, a final comment to the fans at Nippon Project?

KEIGO: Yesterday’s performance was the second live we have played in the US. We had a good experience here and we would like to be able to come back in the future to perform for the US again. Thank you.

This interview was conducted by Syreeta & Samantha of Nippon Project

Nippon Project would like to thank FLOW, their management staff and Sony Music Entertainment Japan for making this interview possible.
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